Who will win the us open this year? (tennis)

This could be the surface where federer will get his first slam of the year. djorkivic is more likely to win than nadal as nadals best at the US is 4th round.

Rafa Nadal clearly is on a roll right now 32 wins in a row and counting. He deserves to be the #1 player in the world…He’s won Wimbledon and the French Open this yr. He looked great in winning the Canadian Open last week, and he’s on track to win Cincinnati this week if he can get by Novak Djokovic. Rafa has never done well during the hard court season, but that’s changing this year. If Rafa wins this week plus the Olympics in Beijing, how can he not be the clear choice at the US Open.

Federer desperately wants this title this year, but he seems a step slow to me this year, and the players are not afraid of him right now. Plus that Wimbledon final took the starch out of him. He will be in the mix along with Djokovic as a favorite. But Federer will be hard pressed to win his 5th Open in a row.

Andy Murray has had a nice run this summer and could be a dark horse pick, it’s finally great to see him live up to his potential.

As for James Blake and Andy Roddick, they have struggled this hard court season. Blake with confidence and Roddick with injury issues.

Nadal in past years has burned out by the time of the US Open. Whether that will happen this year time will tell.

However, this year he is far more occomplished on the surface and looks just as likely as Federer and Djokovic to win it. Nadal is in amazing form at the moment which for me makes him the favourite.

I am not a fan of Murray, But I think he is the outsider. I really fancy his chances of making his first semi final this year and then depending on which side of the draw he is on, could even make the final. He beat Djokovic last week and with Federer out of form and vulnerable and, Murray could realy be in with a chance.

But I am going for Nadal on condition he is not too physically tired.

In recent weeks I think Murray has really played his way into contention and I am really impressed with his high-level consistancy.

I know Rafa’s best is the fourth round, but his performance at the Australian Open this year and the masters series events on hard courts has been phenomenal and much better than last year. It all depends on how Fed and Djokovic play. If they play well, Djokovic will win. If they play like they did in Toronto, Nadal will win with no question at all.

Nadal will win the event for the first time, unless he is physically burnt out from the season. Which may be the case unfortunately, given his loss to Djokovic in the Cincinnati Masters semi-final.

I personally think that Federer is going to have to go through Murray or Nadal to get to the Final, and that will wear him out. Whoever doesn’t play him in the Semis looks like they have a great shot at winning. And as for the women’s tournament, I will never bet against Serena Williams in a major.

nadal is pumped right now more than anyone who is playing tennis that momentem she gnna take him to the semis and hopefully the finals and a new title but if nadal was to win this tourment it would be ovouis he is the best but dnt count andy rodick out and remmber THE LAST TWO MAJOR HARD COURT TOURMENTS DJOKCICH EITHER WON OR MADE IT TO THE FINALS

I think Nadal can win it. He starts as a Favorite to win his maiden U.S open

I believe it will be Nadal’s first major win on hardcourt, although he will have to work hard to get it…..psychological edge definitely…..but still needs the game.

I have a courtside seat behind top ranked players family, so whoever it might be I’m looking forward to it.

YES – Roger will resurface and win the US Open….he’s hungry

nadal , he has the phycological edge now

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