Why do black women allow white men to use reverse racism just to get in their pants?

There is nothing racist first of all in my opinion for a person to have a preference to date his or her own race as long as the reasons are not based on hatred and ignorance. White women who prefer white men are being supported in that decision but black women are being called racist of they prefer black men. For…

I don’t think this is entirely true, most men would not be thinking reverse racism more what was bulging in their pants?

There are White women who get called racist too if they don’t like Black men! Besides, thats not the method used by a lot of guys, its usually the whole “Well good luck with that since Black men don’t even want you.”

i’m 60 now and keep in mind the way it replaced into interior the overdue 50’s and the 60’s. you’re able to not often see a mixed race couple and in case you probably did all and sundry could be turning heads to be sure them. i replaced into an Air rigidity Brat and lived everywhere in the rustic. back then i replaced into in touch for the babies of mixed racial marriage. Are they black, are they white, who will settle for them the blacks or the whites or neither? Now i’m supposedly older and wiser. i’m Jewish married to a Roman Catholic for 37 years. i think of it makes our childrens cashews. We raised our childrens Jewish, even with the undeniable fact that it replaced into greater her decision then mine. this could nicely be a mixed marriage, even with the undeniable fact that it does not stand out in a crowd. We attempted to develop our childrens coloration blind and that i think of we succeded. I merely cared that whom ever my daughters married could cope with them with kindness and admire. If somebody hurts my daughters they are going to could desire to respond to to me. In at present’s international I see no longer something incorrect with any marriage, no count race, faith, coloration, and each of something. If 2 all and sundry is fairly in love with one yet another then marriage is the subsequent logical step, no count what obsticales are put in their way. At our wedding ceremony human beings have been making a danger on how long we would stay at the same time.

Oh please, white women are called a racist too if they prefer to date only white men. Black women are called all kinds of degrading names for dating outside of her race.

Actually i have never seen this happen. But i have seen black guys that cry racism when a white girl doesn’t want to date him

Well I’m glad someone finally stepped up to make sure that everyone dates the right people for the right reasons.

P.S. then we should report you.

Only black men do that

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