Why do people call Obama ”communist” when communist has RED color,but Republican party is RED color hence?

Red states?

He’s a communist because of who he has been surrounded with and has chosen to surround himself with.
I don’t know why conservative states are called “red” states, or why liberal states are called “blue” states. Perhaps it’s a purposeful manipulation by those in the media to soft pedal their own goals. That’s every bit as logical as you trying to infer that conservatives are more “communist” because of the “color” assigned to them by the media.

Seriously? I guess you think that everyone that drives a red car is communist? What about those that own a red shirt? Oh I bet Target stores are communist since they have a red logo. Right?

Communism isn’t a color it is an ideology. An ideology that Obama was raised with, his parents abandoned him for, and he has surrounded himself with people that share this ideology.

The color red is irrelevant. Obama political ideas and training was from communist such as his mother.


That is a contradiction. Another contradiction is why do republicans have more red ink than democrats? http://search.yahoo.com/search?p=who+is+… You can find all kinds of stats here.

The colors were assigned by the media, not picked by the parties.

Leave it to liberals to base things on color

Nope call it a false flag but you are reading to much into color to determine political goals.

GREEN is the new red.

Exactly. Classic right-wing logic. Along the same lines of the Nuclear summit logo perhaps resembling a crescent, so they said it was proof Obama is Muslim.

Conservatives really remind me of the angry crowd in the Witch Scene of Monty Python.

yo comrade..another slow day…

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