Why don’t most Jews wear Star of David outside shirt/clothes?

I know the Christian cross and the Star of David have nothing in common and are two totally different things completely. But why don’t most Jewish people wear the Star of David outside of there shirts for instance? Obviously anyone can count people (young,old,shirtless even, all races etc) all day wearing…

I not sure entirely but I think it is due to historic reasons. Many times the Jewish people were forced to wear a symbol such as the Nazi yellow star ( I believe it was the Star of David) on clothing or someplace visible to inform people that they are Jews. Now the Star of David was used or an representation of it that let people know that a person was a Jew and had to be worn in plain sight or else they were punished even executed during those times that Jews where persecuted. In my opinion they wear it inside their clothing because they have faith and because of history forcing them to wear it visibly and when they do they remember or think about the times when it was used to identify them so they can be vilified.

I can think of two reasons.
One is that it’s a reminder of the times when Jews had to wear a star of David so that everyone knew who was Jewish.
The other is that there is absolutely no requirement for Jews to wear a star of David and in fact I live in a large Orthodox Jewish community and I don’t think I’ve seen anyone wearing one.

No sorry I tell a lie my daughter wears one.

When I was Christian, I was never hassled for wearing a Christian symbol.

Since I converted to Judaism, I have been taunted and hassled whilst wearing a visible Magen David. It’s just safer to choose whom to tell.

Wearing the symbol closet to the skin,is closer to the heart.

Nazis forced Jews to wear the yellow star to identify them to eventually kiil them. Jews are people like anyone else they have a right to dress as they please

Probably because they have other jewelry to wear. DUH!

“When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a bible.” – Sinclair Lewis

Are you referring to Jews who are wearing yarmulkes? If they are wearing yarmulkes, why would they have to wear something else to show their faith?

One would think that the memories of WWII and the Holocaust my be one reason.

They don’t feel the need to force their faith down everyone else’s throats.

Because of this! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Judens…

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