Why is the U.S. so one-sided and biased in regards to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

Why is the U.S. government and the American public so pro-Israeli and anti-Palestinian biased regarding this subject? I don’t see anything even remotely critical about Israel being brought up by either Republicans OR Democrats, even though Israel has violated well over 50 United Nations resolutions over the…

Because the ones who run America are Israelis, the rest of the public are Christian Armageddon cultists.

look at the first answer, he somehow puts Islam into the argument when the asker was talking about Jews against Arabs, he doesn’t know that not all Palestinians are Muslims

When Palestinians learn to play by the rules, we’ll all get along. I don’t blame Israel for anything they’ve done, in fact I support it! Perfect example, the recent Israeli interception of so called “aide”. The ports where aide can be brought in were clearly identified & notices made that all aide is subject to inspection. Folks get mad at Israel, but “concrete” is not humanitarian aide, particularly if you’re going to use that same concrete to build bunkers to hide in like cowards & launch rocket attacks into Israel.

it might have something to do with the aeroplanes flown into the twin towers by a bunch of islamic nutters

actions speak louder than words – we see islamics protesting cartoons and calling for the artists death, we see celebrations in the streets of palestine when 9/11 and 7/7 happened

what do you expect them to be like? open armed and freindly? get into the real world

hehehe, Mr. Sharon continues to be knocking on hell’s door. not even Lucifer needs to alleviate him off his deeds. muhahahaha. Cool fundamentalist reported it properly. Its humorous that individuals blame the civilian deaths on terrorists employing them as “human shields”. How is that even attainable on a large scale? human beings could properly be so naive. Allah is conscious suitable and could not enable unjust and evil doers flow loose.

It isn’t “one-sided” it is more a question of right and wrong, and that is why we side with Israel.

You don’t see Jews or Israelis blowing world icons, attacking hotels, and blowing up underground stations.

israel owns the united states!

Because it’s so obvious who is right and who is wrong.

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