Why on Earth Did Obama Bow?


Since when does an American president bow to a leader of another nation and, no less, to the king of Saudi Arabia?

Thank you for your replies in advance.

– Pepper.

He is a dhimmi, showing his grovelling obsequience to the King of Saud, the guardian of the most holy Mecca.

Obama has a lot of aspirations. One of them is treating others with mutual respect. You only get out, what you give.

I don’t know whether Muslims bow to each-other, or not. It is not relevant. If anything is applicable then it is, that they are both their own countrys’ leader.

Lastly, if no President has shown respect to another (in that context, but hopefully shown in other quarters), up until now, then what does that say? – I respect you, but only as far as a leader, not another human being?

I like Americans now, but I look especially forward, to the America of tomorrow, where everybody treats one another, with respect.

edit: Argument reinforced with receiving “Thumbs down”, when mentioning shared respect. No need to say more!

Muslims don’t bow to one another. That’s something people do in the Far East like Japan or China. Muslims believe that it is wrong to bow to human beings, only before God. Why Obama chose to express respect this way has nothing to do with Islam. It seems rather anti-Islamic.

You must have seen that video from some other camera angle — or with some kind of super-power. How on Earth did you manage to see through that body obscuring the camera view? The only other explanation is that you were there to see it for yourself…..

Funny, how some folks can see only a person’s butt and then deduce that they are “bowing subserviently”.

In many cultures you bow to show respect and in greeting. It has nothing to do with submission, just respect. Some cultures you don’t touch another person unless you are blood related. It probably goes back to the time when food was eaten with the right hand and anything “dirty” was done with the left hand–you never used your left hand for eating or touching people, and you avoided using your right hand for touching people since you were going to eat with it (water is scarce so you can’t be washing a lot). Many “westerners” think they can simply ignore another’s culture which is a mistake, an insult, and starts things off on the wrong foot.

he’s our Head-of-State, assembly yet another Head-of-State on his very own soil. whilst those leaders come to Washington for a bypass to, he will command lots extra admire than his smug predecessor did. He hasn’t tried to bypass by way of any locked doorways and no person has thrown a shoe at him. whilst in Rome, do by way of fact the Romans do. His grandmother raised him astonishing to be respectful of different leaders of their countries.

Go on saying, “I am free.” Never mind if the next moment delusion comes and says, “I am bound.” Dehypnotize the whole thing.

a sign of respect possibly….american presidents are human too.

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