Will Joe Biden succeed Obama as president ?

A question about why the election went to Obama…..Joe’s the 3rd most liberal senator in Congress and agrees with Obama about most everything but he’s not the most popular, getting 3% in Iowa. If Obama is re-elected in 2012, will Biden carry the liberal agenda to 12 years? After Reagan’s 8 years, G.H.W.Bush…

No, he is too old. He has already ran for president three times. In eight years he will be well over 70. If you didn’t like McCain running that late in life, then you shouldn’t want Biden too.

Once people see that he IS going to tax everyone and that he can’t deliver on his promises, they will start to dislike him. Biden will be too much a part of that and they won’t like him either. You are correct saying that it’s not ideology that one it, it was popularity…actually mass hysteria would be more accurate. That’s why you see people on here that support Obama and are still asking questions about his policies…they don’t know, they didn’t care…just voted for him because they hate Bush.

Bill Clinton carried it for eight years thanks to who you just mentioned, Ronald Reagan and G.H. Bush. Clinton was also not nearly as radical as Obama and even though he leaned left, his policies were more towards the center. The economy was great and it was not Clinton who created that. Anyone that believes that needs to take a step back and reevaluate their economic education, I’ll even say they never took one basic class in economics. You don’t change it overnight…it takes time. Just look at the 1980’s. Reagan’s economic policies took a while to really kick in and it wasn’t until the mid 90’s when we saw the boom take hold. Yeah, that’s right.

He’s a fad and will soon wear off. He’s no Bill Clinton…you know where Clinton came out in 1992 and said “Hi everybody I’m full of it and how do you like that?”. Everyone voted for him saying “well, at least his honest”. lol

In eight years Joe Biden will be 74 years old. That is two years older than John McCain, I don’t think you will see him run for president at that age. Obama will prove him to be a great president. Heck, Tom Cruise was tired from the beginning.

Are we still pretending the Obama White House is aware of what the fk is going on? They seem to blame “low level” employees for EVERYTHING which makes me think the low level employees are the ones doing the work and the White House is just sitting around figuring out new ways to spin the lackluster economy or to come up with alternative distractions (gun control etc.). Obama is either corrupt and a sociopathic liar or he’s incompetent and has no control over his branch of government.

99% of democrats didn’t like him well enough to vote for him in the primaries. He’s about as popular with the Independents. Unless Obama dies in office, I don’t believe we’ll ever see Biden in the Whitehouse.

Check Biden’s birth date. Ain’t gonna happen in 2016. Better bet? Hillary. By then, the Reps will be running one of the Palin kids…

He will be over 70 in 8 years, so I doubt it.

Oh Heaven’s NO! Foot-in-the-mouth disease.


no, i don’t think he could ever pull it off.

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