Will NASCAR find a way to make sure that Danica Patrick gets into the 2013 All Star Race?

Without anything close to a win, the only legitimate option would be for her to be voted in by the fans. Since the reality is that only a tiny fraction of NASCAR fans feel favorable towards her, how do you think NASCAR will pull it off? Rig the fan votes in her favor? Just lie about the numbers and declare her the…

Well, you know NASCAR
They like to make up rules at will
All they have to say is she’s the highest qualifying female driver
Or blame something on the fact that she’s female
They already did that for her performance at Daytona
So by simple & easy means, my answer is “yes”

Unless she lucks into a Daytona or Talladega win, not a chance. She is improving and …. A lead lap finish is reason for all the nascar talkers to celebrate for weeks. A lead lap finish is about all … Will NASCAR find a way to make sure that Danica Patrick gets into the 2013 NASCAR Nationwide Series and occasionally in … In 2013, Patrick became the fastest pole qualifier since 1990 to qualify for the …. Her luck would get a little better at Infineon as she ran in the top 10 NASCAR, in 2013,

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“2013 All Star Race”
“Without anything close to a win”

That’s pretty harsh, for a driver that has won a pole, a top 5, and a top 10 finish, early in her rookie Cup year? Most of the other drivers, have been driving these heavier NASCAR cars and trucks, longer than she has.

Tony Stewart has been the only driver, to win championships, in the Indy cars, AND NASCAR, 3 championships. There are a lot of drivers out there, that wish they had won a pole, and 2 top tens, this season?

Not a fan, just sick of 13 year old kids, that don’t have the guts to drive a car, about 200 mph, just inches from many other cars, for about 3 hours?

Probably through the fan vote
thats about the only way

You’re a loon. Why do you reduce your Nascar fandom to nothing more than senseless hating of Danica. She’s a better race car driver than you’ll ever be at anything. I don’t think we’ll see her in the race. She certainly won’t win the qualifying race. I do think she has a slight chance at the vote. Which sounds odd because all I hear is hate.



Yea it’s called the all star fan vote. So she’ll probly make it c

There is always the “Fan Vote”
Like it or not, she is popular, and there are lots of women that vote too.
She just might surprise everyone and race her way in from the “Open”.

Gotta love some people with their conspiracy theories. Some thing are just what they seem to be, and nothing else.

I think everyone has been witness to nascar conspiracies. Be certain they will do ANYTHING for money, sponsorships, and ratings. Even make a special race up for Jr. to win in his Wrangler tribute car.

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