Would gas prices be so high without the threat of war with Iran?

The GOP candidates (the exception being Ron Paul) are fanning the flames of war with Iran with their idiotic rhetoric. Meanwhile, Obama is telling them to knock it off.

We all know who is at fault for high gas prices.

Barry’s crap policies are the problem.

OPEC and the world markets are stating exactly that, higher gas prices are a direct result of the military tension in Iran.
Would the prices drop drastically if tensions with Iran suddenly stopped? A little.

Since 0bama reversed Bush’s opening of offshore drilling, drilling in Alaska, and refused to allow the Canadian pipeline, he sent a message to the speculators that he has no desire for energy independence from the middle east. All the while taking credit for the oil production created from the Bush oil drilling permits. He and his energy czar both support high gas prices, 0bama ran on it and his czar said we should have gas prices equal to European prices.
You’re right, we know who is responsible. When 0bama took office, gas was $1.81 now over $4.00 a gallon.

Gas prices are high because of supply and demand. Government policies have some impact, but the rapidly growing demand by China and India is the leading problem. The US still has some of the lowest prices of any industrial country.

Well liberals swore up and down that Bush was gonna invade Syria or Iran when he was president

and gas prices were $1.80 a gallon when he left office

2. Fact remains, since 0bama assumed office, he has NOT been able to get Russia or China to agree to sanctions against iran

Bush got both to agree to sanctions three different times

Its not Obama but Thatcher who is to blame. She sold off our oil & gas fields and shut our coal mines. All profit went out of the country, yes we got tax revenue but tax is only ever a percentage of the whole.
Despite being energy rich as a country it was all squandered on political dogma.

it would be somewhat lower…

I remember when Bush was in and every time he talked about Iran, gas prices went up 20 cents the next day…

0bama has :
Shut down drilling in the Gulf of Mexico
Sent oil rigs to Venezuela
Prohibited any exploratory or other drilling in the U.S.
Vetoed the pipe line
Pissed off the Iranians with impotent sanctions
And ,,, refused to release any of the strategic oil reserves kept for just this type of circumstance.

0bama wants high fuel costs and has taken every possible step to make them such.

Gas is high because Obama is spending an average of 1.3 TRILLION a year- destroying the value of our dollar, so WE THE PEOPLE get less for what we buy. That dollar you hold in your hand isn’t worth a dollar anymore, its worth about 70 cents now. Thank you Obama! We hated our money being what it worth! So if you have 100 bucks in your savings account its only worth 70 bucks now. You lost 30 bucks because of liberal politicians.

Why else would GOLD and SILVER value be skyrocketing? People know the dollar is being destroyed and might have to buy food with gold someday soon.

Obamas good ole pal Soros has 11 tons of gold. He also is the only man in HISTORY who caused 4 countries currencies to collapse and said IT WAS FUN! Now he is working on our money evidently- The guy is getting old and his dream is- One World gov. One World Currency and he holds Obamas strings!

Yes. That’s what happens with speculation in the market.

I don;’t see the GOP candidates being able to control anything. Please look at who’s in charge. Liberals always pointing there finger at someone else.

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