Would he be considered “African American”?

I know a dude at my school named Marku and he is white but he is from Africa and now is a US citizen. Would he be considered African American?

I knew a guy that immigrated from South Africa. He was born and raised there, and left when he was 17. He was technically African American, even though he was a white south African. He applied to the University of Texas when he was 19 and checked on his college application African American (he is). Some black student activists groups on campus got all pissed off, and were saying he was using Affirmative Action for a white guy when he didn’t deserve it. He got in, (he did have the GPA and proper qualifications) but he kinda stuck it to the student group protesting him. It was brilliant on his part, cause he was technically African American and showed how racists people were when they disregarded him for being white. They said he couldn’t be African American. He showed how racist affirmative action was, due to the fact they wanted to disregard him for being white, even though he was an African American immigrant. He did a good job of showing how racist Affirmative Action is and how wrong it is. He is now in Law School.

I’d say he is a true African-American. He is an African first and foremost and I say that because he probably has family there, friends there, and his last name more than likely originates in Africa. On the other hand American-Africans better known as “blacks” here in the good old U.S., are first and foremost Americans having no close tie or connection to Africa.( Not within the last 400 years or so) But in good old America…Marku is just white. Great country huh…lol

Immigration by definition implies voluntary movement from one country to another to better ones current conditions or lifestyle. The Africans who later became African-Americans were sold into slavery, placed on a slave ships, endured the Middle Passage and were deemed 3/5 of a person in the New World. I can’t, nor do I want to, separate myself from my slave ancestors. They did not immigrate to America. Therefore, we as a people (African-Americans) did not immigrate to America.

Well if you want to get technical, I wouldn’t call him African America because that label is for Black Americans who have slave ancestors. If I were you, I’d just call him Marku. It’s his name. Labels are annoying

I would conside him an African American

He is the TRUE definition of an African American. People will look at him weird if he calls himself that! lol

No..African American is a term for ethnically “American” blacks or basically the ones who decended from slaves.

Well yeah he’s more African than most American Blacks.

Yup, he is actually a real African American since he was actually born there. I guess the race classifying system has a few kinks to work out.

Sure. Why the heck not?

We call people from Japan, China, India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan after their continent. Why wouldn’t we apply that “rule” to Africa?

Africans aren’t just “black” people, just like how Asians aren’t just um… ya’ know .

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