Would u date me? please read below and answer truthfully?

Hi i am 19 brown hair good looking but one hicup is that im still a virgin i have a bf that has been with me for 7 months and i dont know why lol i dont give him sex but i do releive him of stress lol wat do u think?

I wouldn’t wait 7 minutes to have sex !!

Nothing wrong with you. Maybe more girls should be like you. Sad truth is that if he wants it bad enuf, there are many more that are just as cute that would give it up. I guess this all comes down to motive. I mean if you are holding back for virtue of marriage thats one thing. But if you are not giving it up just to be mean. Then thats just wrong. Either way you already have your answer. Only you know what is in your heart. Trust me….whichever is your motive, there is the right guy out there for you.

Your still a virgin at 19 that is totally awesome I am so very Proud of you when other young girls are just giving it awa you are choosing to save it.
The temptation to give it to your boyfriend is great I know but you have waited this long find the man of yor dreams and on your Wedding Night tell him that you have a specail gift to give him. When He ask what gift is that, you have giving me everythingI want he will say your hnd in marriage. But then you says this is special it is my virginity that I give to you I have held it esspecially for yo and only you my love.

wow 19yr old chick really hard to find. umm i dnt know why he’s still with you either unless your giving really good bloweys.lol. i dnt see why you dont put out. heres your solution….. give it up its not like youll be a skeeze or anything, but the only thing that actually could happen is that youll put out then he will break up with you cuz he finnaly hit that.lol. ehh not really lol kinda mean and sad.mehr
sincerily nathan parise

I gave my guy sex and now he’s been ignoring me. Are you really ready for your first time. If you do, do you think he’s really worth your first time? If you really make up your mind, do not have regrets for there’s no turning back afterwards!

Who cares if you’re still a virgin? You still sound like a more than good enough person to date.

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Nope, Get a life. Don’t be askin for a date in here, No one in here can obviously unless your lucky. Best way to find it is, FIND ONE IN REAL LIFE DUMBASS.

Good for you! Im the same way! lol Do it when ur ready

Don’t rush it.
If he loves you he’ll wait until you’re ready. simple as.

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