Would you consider dating me? (Females only, please)?

I’m kind of bored and I can’t sleep, so I’ve decided to make one of these “would you date me” things.

I’m going to start by talking about my physical features, then I’ll talk about my personality as well as kind of a background of my interests.

Hair: Kind of long dark…

Wow so to break the normal answers your getting, I actually did read that. Yes I probably would if I got to know you, besides all us former home schoolers have to stick together (I was 1st to 9th)…and I like nerds so you have both those things going for you 🙂

I did take the time in reading it and I have to say would date you.
You and I are a lot a like. I am shy around people I don’t know as well as others and if I have nothing to say, I won’t try to make conversation. I am a serious person when I need to be (school, college prep, etc.) but joke around a lot and sarcastic might as well be my middle name (some days). Oh and you have green in your brown eyes… I think that right there settled it. I’m a sucker for green and blue eyes.
The only things that differ are the fact that you tend to take things seriously. I’d be like that too but since the death of my father, I’m pretty apathetic when it comes to moral codes. I mean I have my own and they change (except for that fact that I’m as straight edge as a ruler with the exception of tattoos, but even that I’ll have to hold back on because of my career choice) but others? They can do what they want to do, you shouldn’t change for anyone but yourself anyways, you know?

Well, I guess that was a long explanation. You are one smart guy, seriously… I am HORRIBLE at math but I love Biology and Chemistry. Anything beyond that, you’ve lost me.

So yes. You’ve got my vote.

didn’t read it
All I saw were the words emo, medication and nerd
yeah I’d date you


u have provided too much info. Be brief young boy.

I didn’t read it.

Please don’t ask us if you are attractive or not, it just looks bad on your part.

An attractive guy doesnt harp on about his attractive traits.

You need a picture
It explains everything

There is a saying: “For every pot there is a lid”. You just have to know where to look for your lid.

didnt bother reading it.

i wouldnt date anyone who has to ask if they are “dateable” on yahoo answers.

go to sleep.








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