Would you vote for a candidate for President or any office that says he’s pro-life and anti Gay Marriage?

Or what if the candidate promises he will do all he can to end Abortion on demand and try and find a way to over turn the states that have passed Gay marriage approval Laws to make the laws null and void. Or if they promised to try and bring back the draft.

Um, to the draft… No.
As to the Abortion and Gay Marriage proposition…maybe. If he’s honest about it and not just saying it to impress a certain crowd. I don’t want another liar for a president or in any part of the government. And it also depends on his intent…

Not a chance. Any politician who is apposes same sex marriage and abortion is basically saying they support the government getting involved with an individual’s private lives.

There is no reason to bring back the draft when we are not in a major war requiring many soldiers. There may be an argument to me made for compulsory military service after high school, but that’s different from a draft.

I think abortion is horribly tragic.

I have seen Presidents market themselves as pro-life, including Reagan, and both Bush’s, who loaded the US Supreme Court with supposed pro-life justices. Even though in 20 of the last 30 years of presidential administrations, and the US Supreme Court has had a pro-life majority for over 20 years, abortion remains legal and easily accessible. What this tells me is that Pro-life is just a political gimmick. You can’t be pro-life, and then wage war and promote the death penalty.

Gay marriage is a non-issue, and I think government should get out of the business of marriage.

I do not support a draft. The military should be voluntary.

gay marriage has relatively no result on something different than someone’s thought equipment. the persons who tension those subject concerns on the final public are dropping time remanding the numerous ones to be positioned on the back burner to fulfill very own agendas. you prefer subject concerns? positioned those CEO’s in detention center that took our money and left hard workers broke without retirement. high-quality and imprison those loan companies that “created” tempting financing so a individual ought to stay the yank dream. Ask why a motor vehicle costs $35,000.00. Why is gasoline nevertheless over $2.00 a gallon collectively as barrel expenditures have plummeted. Ask why Exxon made $40 5 Billion in salary final twelve months. sufficient

This election, I will vote for anyone without a D behind their name.
One congressman means nothing, he cannot make laws. You need a majority.
So don’t worry so much about personal beliefs, worry about the tanked economy and the massive
job losses and the out of control spending.
We need to force the congress towards the center, and that requires a more balanced congress.
Half Dem, half Rep.

I would not vote for the candidate. They sound like they would be from the 19th century. It’s the 21st. Slaves don’t exist in America. So gay marriage should be legal. We are stripping them of their rights. And it’s not pro life or pro death. It’s: a woman is raped by her dad, she has the baby. Or: a woman is raped by her dad, she has an abortion. Abortion should be legal, safe, and rare. -Bill Clinton

Both those issues are meaningless to me.
So depending on what other ideas he has I wouldn’t know.
But sure, I guess I would vote for him.
The draft is something the Democrats came up with because no one wanted to fight “their” wars.
Wow imagine that, and all this time you thought it was a Republican idea huh.
You have to get your history strait from the propaganda you liberals keep spewing out.
If he’s a Democrat, there is no way in hell I’d vote for him.

Draft I’m in favor of. I think everyone should serve for two years after high school, or three after college, although not necessarily in the military. Gov’t service is enough. We need this civic duty to maintain our democracy.

Pro-life and anti-gay marriage are sexism and bigotry, and a deal-breaker for me.

No, because along with those positions comes a whole litany of issues that are contrary to the realities of the world. I doubt that there are enough “other” issues to sway my vote toward a person as sick as this.

Listen, Roe v. Wade will never be over-turned, it has been 37 years. Gay marriage…who cares?
I vote my politics, I do not select an issue or two, and chose my candidate that way.
I care about the wars, our borders, the economy.

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