11 Month old not clapping or pointing, help..?

Need more info. My daughter just turned 11 months old. She had a rough start – undiagnosed GERD, because of the spitting up she didn’t get tummy time until 3 months, so I expect her motor skills to be slow. She sits up well without support, army crawls/creeps, starting to pull up on things, will try to walk…

It is really hard, but it’s best not to compare your child with any others. Every child is different and grows and develops at a pace that is right for her. Waving, clapping, and pointing can develop at a rather wide age range. I am mom to 4 kids who are now 29, 26, 23, and 10. I am also grandma to a 14 month old grandson plus I have provided child care in my home for 20 years. I have seen babies as young as 6 months sit as pretty as you please and do “pat-a-cake” like they were born knowing how to. I’ve seen others who won’t do “pat-a-cake” until they are well on their way to 2 years old. Speech and language development is the same way. Understandable words can begin as early as 10-12 months, but other children are 18-24 months before anything decipherable comes out. Pointing will also occur over time. Don’t worry about her still putting everything in her mouth, this can easily continue for another year or two. One of my daycare children is 2 years 4 months and I still remind him daily not to put things in his mouth. I care for my 14 month grandson and he is beginning to have an interest in saying more words, but is not yet too consistant at trying to say things. He has been waving “bye-bye” for about 2 months and just recently started pointing pretty regularly. He also just started giving delightful open mouth slobbery kisses – very cute and sweet. At 11 months old, if your daughter is mobile in some way, is babbling, and you can tell she is learning new thing then it sounds as if she is right on track and not delayed in anyway. I think she is doing well, but to help ease your mind, begin a specific list to take to her doctor when you go for her 12 month well-baby check-up. I know the look you are talking about, it’s the one where you can tell they are actually paying attention and have an interest in trying to figure things out. Most babies will be 9-18 months old when this happens. It’s quite an age span for this level of development. My own youngest daughter did not crawl until she was 12 months and didn’t walk until she was 15 months. She’s 10 now and just fine.

It doesn’t sound like you don’t have too much to worry about. To some kids there are things that just aren’t important enough for them to worry about and they see no reason to bother. If you spend a lot of time clapping then she will soon pick it up….make sure you sing patty-cake to her and clap when she does anything fun she will soon catch on. Otherwise she sounds right on track.

Good Luck and Many Blessings.

God bless your child. Even tho she is moving a little slower then some kids shes still special and smart :] My son is 8 months old, he doesnt walk yet, he claps and makes all sorts of sounds, he hasnt had a First word yet but It seems like shes on the right track. I wouldnt worry.. she’s going at her own speed.. GOod luck : ]

While there is no reason to be alarmed, I applaud you for being cautious. Since your daughter seems to be responsive to verbal cues (i.e. she laughs and smiles at you), and presumably engages in eye contact, she does not seem to have symptoms typically associated with autism. I would, however, recommend that you visit this website to be absolutely sure:

As a parent, I feel that it never hurts to err on the side of caution. Enjoy your beautiful and precious baby. As the other respondent remarked, she is probably moving at her own pace – as we all do – but when it comes to our precious children, it never hurts to double or triple check. Good luck.

I think she is doing great. especially when you said she had a rough start. I know a lot of little kids (working at a daycare) that dont talk for awhile. If it really does concern you, make an appointment with a child phsyc. they will know whats going on.

my son was the same way with not clapping or pointing. he knew how to do it at that age, but it was rare that he did.

i soon figured out everything was “on his own time.” he wasn’t like other babies who do things when you want them to. some babies you can tell them to clap and they will. my son wasn’t like that, he would clap when he felt like it.

i think some babies just need their own time to do things. the worst thing to do is compare them to other babies, though i know it is hard. mothers tend to do this a lot.

it sounds like your baby is normal and if the doctor isn’t worried, you shouldn’t be either. good luck =)

every baby is different and will develop at their own pace dont compare your child to other children she will do all these things whenshes ready but if your really concerned then speak to your health visitor or doctor for peace of mind

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