12 Year old sister thinks she weighs to much.?

My sisters 12, and 5’3
She weighs 106 llbs/pounds
I know this isnt fat but do you think its a healthy weight?

yeah my cousin is 22 and is 5 3 and weighs 106-107. She ‘s skinny just cuz she is only twelve she just tall.

At 5’3″ for a small frame she should weight around 110 Ibs. If she is 106 she isn’t unhealthy but if she wants to lose weight then it won’t be healthy. But that is based on an adults weight. I don’t know about 12 year olds, I’d assume it’s close to the same.

My cousin is twelve and she weighs 85. She’s super skinny, though, so that explains why! Haha anyways I think 106 is fine for a twelve year old. 90 – 100ish pounds is the ave. for a sixth grader but since it’s reaching the end of the school year 106 is a perfect weight. =) Tell your sister not to worry her weight is just fine. If it was 190… That’d be a problem, but she is good the way she is.

she should really have nothing to worry about, that is a perfectly healthy weight. The only thing she should start being aware of is to maintain her current weight, especially since she is getting older and losing weight at an older age is a nightmare.

yeah, thats the right weight. the average 12 year old girl who is 5’3 is supposed to weigh from 90-120 lbs.,

this is fantastic .. even inspite of the indisputable fact that its no longer healthful for a 12 year previous to think of that 106lbs is fat. Its substantial she is often used with she’s lots extra effective than her weight. tell her to no longer concern herself along with her weight and to continuously have self belief in eating healthful and likewise her recommendations and soul. Her recommendations gets very undesirable (i recognize I struggled with an eating sickness for years) if she maintains on with that mentality. tell her the media is felonious and desires to misinform people besides they could e.g. all the photoshop they do to make females seem in a fashion this is no longer genuine. do no longer overlook to tell her people will love her extra for who she is interior the interior quite than outdoors. suitable regards

Yes, healthy weight

It’s a healthy, average weight for her.
Since she is so insecure at age 12, you might want to tell your parents because she may start to be anorexic or bulimic

her weight is fine. i don’t age should tell how much you should weigh it is height. she should accept herself for who she is, not for what a stupid scale says. i bet you that your sister is beautiful no matter how she looks, weighs or even what she says about herself. everyone is beautiful and she has to accept her weight even though she thinks she is weighs too much. which she doesn’t
my point, your sister does not weigh too much, her weight is fine

perfect. Your sister may have seen Vogue, or something and thought she weighted to much. Don’t worry she’s perfectly normal for that height and weight.

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