Anyone Else Use Xpedia Escrow For Car Buying on

I posted a similar question yesterday and got a couple people who seemed to be in a similar situation as myself; this raised even more questions. Has anyone out there actually used this company to purchase a car?

Here’s what the seller is telling me:
All he needs to get the ball rolling is my name, address… is a fraud and an illegally copied version of our website.

I am the managing director of a website called We are a legitimate escrow business located in a suburb of Denver, Colorado. Numerous individuals have copied our website without our permission and are using the fake copies of our site to convince buyers to send money to them for vehicle purchases.

THESE SITES ARE FAKE AND THERE IS NO VEHICLE FOR SALE! The photos, description and VIN were copied from a real car listing. The whole thing is a scam to lure you into sending money to this fraudulent seller. We are actively pursuing a number of these individuals and will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. DO NOT purchase or pay for a vehicle through

To further confuse the issue, there is a legitimate escrow company in California called Xpedia Escrow (949-305-1813.) They have nothing to do with these fraudulent car listings. The fraudulent seller just copied their name and is using their Better Business Bureau membership page to give the appearance of a legitimate business to the fake website. Please contact me directly if you would like additional information. You can find our phone number on our website at

Buddy, it’s a scam.

Several clues:

1) Car will be shipped to you
2) You have a “5-day” guarantee to inspect the car
3) Car is in another city despite the ad’s location

Is the seller in the military, divorcing, or overseas? If so, do not fall for this.

If you can, copy/paste their reply email in here.

**EDIT** — I read your other question regarding this, and the answers. “Brian Garcia” is one of the names they use (seems as if the same ones pop up all the time). I can give you a 100% guarantee that this is indeed the same scam being run on Craigslist and eBay. Don’t fall for it.

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