Are the 2000 subaru outbacks stock turbo? Or are subaru forester 2003 stock turbo?

Are they all AWD also?

Where do you live? Here in the US where I live, there was not turbo outback in 2000 and the Foresters did not get a turbo version till 04. Both cars you ask about only came in AWD

Yeah i have never heard of a turbo outback. Foresters are though. Even the old ones. Subarus are great, i have one myself. GETTTTT ONEEEEEEEEE

The “major” problems are head gaskets. That is really the only common problem with this engine. Otherwise, very reliable car. if you buy one, find one that hasn’t been abused. P.S. Subaru fixed the head gasket issue in 2005. Which the reliability survey will show.

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