Are you a honest person?

I’m very honest.

I used to lie and was bad guy, i changed about 3-4 years ago into a almost perfect but honest,loyal,faithful loving person, i even lost 110 pounds in an effort to completely change my life and ways. I tell everyone the truth no matter what. I would only lie to save a life or prevent someone from getting traumatically or mentally hurt from a truth.

Even though it backfires sometimes Im still truthful. I told my ex-g/f EVERYTHING in hopes of building a foundation of trust. She doesn’t believe me 90% of time, thinks im like all the ****** jerk guys out there despite me proving myself time after time to be loyal, good to her & friends, and honest & everything,only in the end getting punished for all my good. In return for my honesty i get lies and broken promises from her & friends, they even kept secrets from me and hide what they do from me. Hurts so bad. Im a tough guy mentally & physically and hope to be a US Marine after I finish school in 1-3 months & I like the thought of having pride, honesty,virtue,loyalty,honor,and so many of those characteristics because life will reward me for my good deeds & its something to be PROUD of, but it SICKENS me how people can do what they’ve been doing, using, lying, hiding things, breaking promises and etc. Im not perfect but im doing my best & getting punished by hypocrite’s and liars & people i once loved and trusted. Hopefully when I enlist in Marines ill be sent away for a long time away from all this BS! Semper Fidelis! “Always Faithful!”

Always and forever. I have always lived my life with honesty in the forfront. I’ve lived my life with the philosphy that if I live my life honestly and do the best I can then when I lay my head down on the pillow at night I can rest peacefully knowing I did the best job I could possibly I could do. Honesty is always the best policy.

Alo hah Sheila long time no here! Now that I am, my answer is yes! Honesty sits very well with me as I know no other way to be, besides it’s too mentally taxing to lie as the body language usually gives you away.

I definitely am if I’m comfortable with a person, but I will do the read between the lines thing at times because I’m shy at first

Yes I am honest and afraid to say what you see or hear is what you get with me

Yes. The only people I lie to are my family (when I know they won’t let me go somewhere) and when someone is being annoying I’ll lose them by giving them misleading information.

Other than that, there is no need to lie at all

i am very honest but honesty is translated foolishness in wicked minds languages .. i guess that makes me an honest foul

Yes, sometimes too honest for my own good!

Too honest. About the only good thing my parents instilled in me.LOL

well it depends but when the angry gets out on someone else then i hav to tell the truth cause i wouldnt be able to sleep at night

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