Are you looking forward to anything today?

I am looking forward to going to the pool with my son.

House hunting with my sister.

Going to see my 18 month old grandson and see how well he’s developing. He’s quite a character. That’s why I love the COX cable commercials with the little white and blue striped guys. I think of him. Especially the the coffee drinking jittery one and the one riding the dog down the stairs.

I am looking forward to going to watch my granddaughters (4 & 7) do theri gymnastics classes. Actually, the 14 year old is going to her class, too.

Being off of work and the guy to come and look to see what is wrong with the a/c

I’m looking forward to free lunch. I get free lunch at work.

I have therapy at 5 and I got some stuff to unload on that poor woman.

The train ride home and the bus ride tomorow to work

Taking two final exams each 2 hours long. WHOO !

Yes! Seeing my folks after a loooong time.. Cant wait 🙂

I hope working out my relationship issues today.

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