Atheists – if you have religious families, how did they react …?

When you told them you were atheist?

I ask because I have a nephew who told his mother (my sister) when he was about 17. She expressed to me that she was upset, although not to the point of being angry or argumentative about it.

I told her I felt that it was something he had to decide on his own, and she…

Honestly, it seldom came up or comes up because I don’t feed it. When I visit, there’s always god this and god that. I just smile. Two things I always refused to discuss with the family: religion & politics. They know where I stand, but if I don’t take the bait (and I never take the bait), they just flounder in their own frustration. I even say grace on occasion. :O) I can out-grace many believers. Classically trained, I am.


I was never really atheist but my parents had a good idea that I wasn’t the most religious person. Im not sure what to really believe but Ive found that having a religion or not was not a big deal to me so I never really identified with any. Most people just didn’t like the idea that im really into science and all the stuff that interested me seems to some how be against religious belief. My parents didn’t care because im still the same person and haven’t changed.

I think my family is starting to realize that religion is make believe the more they hear me say I’m atheist. I have a TON of books and always was in the top or top few students in every class I’ve ever taken, and always aced all my classes, have almost 6 years worth of college class credit, was in all kinds of honors programs, and my parents know that I’ve been studying religion in great depth for more than 15 years, so it’s kind of hard for them to not question their beliefs after knowing I’m an atheist.

They don’t even act surprised when I say I don’t believe anymore because I think they know I’m right.

My parents always knew, one day when I was 7 or 8 on the way home from church, I exclaimed “Mom, Dad, the priest said in church all this was true, I thought they were just stories!” My parents said, “No honey, it’s true” I said “No it’s not”

I was always able to have great conversations with my parent’s (and still do with my mom) about religion and god, they let me make up my own mind. And although they believed, they never took offense or got angry, they never threatened me with god or hell. I grew up thinking that all religious people were like them. You can imagine my surprise when I woke up and realized most religious people are not.

My dad thought all religions were bollocks. My mother didn’t force me to go after the age 12, she thought it would be more important to find my own way. For some strange reason I was interested in other religions and what they believed. I think my mother and my Social Studies teacher hoped I would go to university and take some sort of humanities course.

Some worry about me having strayed. Some try to poke little insults when they get the chance (despite the fact I don’t do this to them). I find it ridiculous as their beliefs are completely unfounded. They have never contemplated what they’ve been told, just accepted it no matter how absurd. They are virtual mental prisoners and I feel sorry for them. Just be kind and pity them.

It’s been years, and I still haven’t told them. Upon predicting their reaction I’ve been leaving well enough alone.

I know my mom would be upset and view herself as a failure as a parent. And I think my dad would be a cross between being upset and totally pissed and he’d probably blame me going to a secular college as he originally almost made me change my major so I’d go to a Christian school so I wouldn’t deconvert… even though at that point I had already deconverted he just didn’t know it.

no longer absolutely everyone in my family members knows that I reject their faith. for those that do, responses have ranged from “i’ve got self assurance sorry for you” to indifference. so a techniques as partaking in rituals, I gain this with the respect that my family members merits. for the period of grace, I sit down there quietly with my palms in my lap. I handle Christmas and Easter as a family members party. infrequently will an in intensity verbal replace with regards to religion arise. on the events it does, i’m going to frequently proceed to be silent, except the communicate additionally delves into the political (such because of the fact the region of religion in marvelous down gay marriage).

I haven’t told my parents and I never will. My dad would never ever let me hear the end of it. I doubt I’d be able to have one conversation with him without getting a hell threat.

My grandparents would probably call an exorcist on me…

My parents think I’m still searching for the right religion.

I have to keep up the act in front of them. They weren’t very happy the first time I told them.

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