Can 18 years old boy marry 18 old girl legally?

No, In India boy should be minimum 21 years and girl 18 years completed
Then their marriage will be consider legal.

You should be 21 to marry a 18 year old girl

no, Not in india

boy 21 years and girl 18 years

According to IPC the ideal Age for boy is 21 and girl is 18 in india

Dear Buddy,

In India, for a girl it is OK. However, the boy should be 21. What about your country of origin ? The reply depends on the country

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G Senthil Iyappan

Son, if you are from India, you have to wait another 3 years!

In India, yes.

What is the legal marriage age in your country? Do you have the consent of your guardian? Do you have the money to support the both of you? Please think carefully before you plunge yourself in matrimony.

In india No

If you don’t know-you are not ready for marriage.

Wait a few years.

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