Cat peeing and pooping outside of litter box?

My new cat, Cleo, has started randomly pooping and peeing various other places (such as my bed). Sometimes she uses the litter box, so I know she knows where it is. I always scoop it, so its not full or anything. She has been moved around a lot lately (I got her from her former owner in Aug. and she lived at my…

scooping does not get rid of cat urine.wash out the box twice a week.or take the cat to the vet.

Change really screws with cats, I dont know why. When she is done eating I would take her and put her in the litter box, and do it several random times a day. Also, make sure you clean really well where she has gone before so she cant smell it and associate it with a place to pee and give her some time (and yes, make sure litter box is immaculate). I would give her some time.

It could be a urinary tract infection. I’d suggest first changing to a different litter, but also taking your cat to the vet.

Maybe she had to go really badly and did not make it. I know you had to go pee and did not make it.

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