Colleges with Creative Writing and Photography Majors?

I’m looking for colleges on the east coast (basically new england, mid atlantic area) with great programs in creative writing and photography.
As of now all i’ve really been able to find are colleges with majors in either one or the other, any ideas?

Academy of the Arts maybe 🙂
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Animation & Visual Effects


Art Education


Fine Art

Game Design

Graphic Design


Industrial Design

Interior Arch. & Design

Landscape Architecture

Motion Pictures & Television

Multimedia Communications

Music Production & Sound Design for Visual Media

Web Design & New Media


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Top Art School
Academy of Art University, founded in 1929 in San Francisco, California, is the largest private school of art and design in the United States. With more than 18,000 top ranking art school students from all over America and around the world, our vibrant urban community offers a supportive and challenging environment to help hone your creative talent and define your career path.

Pursue Your Passion
Academy of Art University boasts an exciting curriculum with 18 areas of art and design from Illustration and Fashion to Photography and Motion Pictures. View a complete course listing. Our San Francisco campus offers incredible facilities, the best art school supplies, and the latest, cutting-edge technology resources.

Where Artists Teach Artists
With a faculty of career artists, designers and scholars, our students benefit from the best art school instruction to be found anywhere, as well as our faculty’s ability to translate their experience and wisdom into helping students turn their aspirations into successful career plans.

Make Art Your Career
Academy of Art University prepares students for the art of pursuing their professional dreams by providing the tools and motivation to help you enrich the world with your artistic talent. Our curriculum offers coursework for all levels, from high school art and online courses to professional and graduate art school programs.

In Diverse San Francisco
When you study at Academy of Art University, you become a student at one of the major educational institutions and premier art schools in San Francisco, itself a melting pot of emerging artists and creative expression. Academy of Art University has 27 locations in the city, including academic buildings, campus housing facilities and galleries.

To find out more about student work and see photos of the university’s top art and design facilities, request an information packet, which includes “Our World, Your World,” a colorful portfolio illustrating life at Academy of Art University, a course catalog, and a DVD highlighting outstanding student work.


» 24 in 24
» Academy Offers Exceptional Educational Opportunities as Budget Cuts Impact CSU
» Alumnus Samar Shool Snags Emmy Nomination for Work on National Geographic Documentary



Ohio University has a great School of Visual Communications with Commercial Photography and Photojournalism majors. It also offers Fine Arts Photography in the School of Art. It’s a pretty cheap college, even if you are out of state

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