Did/do you enjoy high school?

I love high school, i love the guys, the teachers, the parties,the sports, the clubs, the people just everything about highschool. But for some reason, a lot of people hated high school. So did/ do you enjoy high school? Why/why not?

yess…it’s fun:D I don’t know why some people hate high school

My opinion is indifferent when it comes to high school. I didn’t have many friends, I knew a lot of people but I wouldn’t really call any one my friend. I went to an inner city high school and most people there were homophobic and quite vocal about it. I was also dealing with culture shock since I had recently moved from another country and had started high school right away. It was my first social contact with the US. So I grew a lot in those days. As I said, it was a mixed deal for me. Sometimes positive, other times not so much.

it was cool but at the same time alot of people were not nice to one another. Its nothing compared to college. I would not want to do it again but at the same time i have had some good memories from high school that i havent had in college.

Yes, i enjoyed my high school days very much. Even till now i used to miss my those precious days. Those days were mind blowing.

Its fun and exciting, but I worry tooo much of little things.
I know like ten years from now, the things I worry about won’t even matter :p

I lovee high school. 🙂 For all the reasons you listed and my parents are finally starting to trust me and stop treating me so much like a little kid.

i enjoyed all the wrong aspects of highschool

The teachers suck elephants balls. That’s all i gotta say about that.

i was such a party animal.
i dunno high school was lame.
it was filled with drama where i went.
in the end, i just worked hard to get my diploma and got the f**k outta there!

i don’t know not in high school yet

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