Do attractive black women date white men exclusively for social status?

I am an average looking white guy and I am really starting to think so. I am nothing really special yet I get approached all the time by black women. I wouldn’t date a black girl (I don’t find any attractive at all) but why do many seem so desperate for a white guy (ANY white guy.) I mean look at some black…

Wow, those were some VERY unattractive men! Add Naomi Campbell to that list…she dates the ugliest (white) men ever….

Well, I’ll be frank.
There is a large amount of black girls who are obsessed with white men. (Key word: obsessed)
These type of women would willingly date a white man with slave fantasies. I’ve also noted that these blacks seem to be “attracted” to white men that white women wouldn’t even find attractive.
There are sundry reasons for this, and of course they depend on the individual.

However, I think the people you listed may just be attracted to those men (with the exception of the girl in the Youtube video. She’s one of the desperate selfrespect-lacking people I talk about)…If you are asking about black women “in general” who seem to date only ugly white dudes, see my above paragraph.
This is actually visible in many interracial relationships where the person has chosen specifically one race to date. I’ve always found these…er…”fetishes” strange and in a way racist. I think we see this most in the black men who date only fat ugly white women and the beautiful Asians who date only old perv white men.

lol at you mentioning Jasmine. Trust me, that girl is desperate for some white penis. Obviously not social status, just pathetic.

I don’t think you have enough hard evidence to back your theory. There are some some African American women who date simply just for social status but I think it is few who date just any white man just because they have money. And i believe that it’s not just African American women who date simply for social status, it’s a thing with every race in the whole world.

I personally don’t know many Black females who like white men in that kind of way. My friends call me crazy when I comment on a white person. Why do these women have to be out for money, I know it may seem to be very rare but people actually do fall in love with people they marry.

I hate it when anyone makes it seem like it’s always one race who does something when I know many other races that do it. I’m not saying that you’re saying this to be offensive though. I just think that you have you’re little information twisted.

BTW one of my good friends is white and even though it may seem wrong he and I make “white” jokes and “black” jokes all the time. Maybe that couple are just that comfortable with each other but the video link wouldn’t open for me so i can’t really judge that.

Sorry if my thoughts run in to each other. I think faster than i type. I hope you get the point i’m trying to make though

Most black women do not date outside of their race. Social status means nothing. You have only given a hand full of examples. This is not typical. If you are getting approached by black women, you should feel flattered. I don’t think that they are desperate for any white guy. Black men are very attractive, and their women love them.

since when do black girls like white guys? never seen any in my city (orlando) a majority of black white couples are black man/white girl.

perhaps its because so many black men and white women are dating each other, it will make white men and black women want to date each other

i also think its hypocritical that black men complain about white men dating their women, while they go off and take all the good white women

Black women of status aren’t with black men of status because black men with status are with blonde bimbos and spicy mamacitas.



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