Do catholic churches have church choirs?

Do they have church choirs?

Yes, of course they do.

Not all. Usually only the larger ones. Some of the small town Roman Catholic Churches – or even the small city churches in regions with fewer Roman Catholics – have absolutely miserable music during the service. (Ugh!) They (and most other Christian sects) should wise up and
a) preach to their entire congregation on the importance of music instruction
b) offer free instruction

It can really make a difference to the occasional visitor. They should look on it as an evangelical tool. By comparison, the music at a Church of Christ is amazing


music is an intergral part of church services

however I must add this, we dont go to service just to be entertained, we are expected to sing with the choir, without our full active and conscious participation in all parts of the Mass it is not complete.

I believe is was thomas Aquinas that said singing is like praying twice.
Saint Agustine said if every member of a congregation does not sing, every member is diminished.


Why don’t you go to a Catholic church in your area to find out instead of going to Yahoo! Answers? There is more to discovering things in life than just online.


Yes, i used to be in one


Ours does.

Hell yes!

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