Does it drives you crazy to sit around and do nothing?

it depends. yes i get bored sitting around. but if i had a hard day or busy week, sometimes it’s nice to just relax. i dont think anyone should just go, go, go all day everyday. sometimes people make poor decisions when they are constantly on the go because they dont take the time to just sit and think for a minute what the right decision would be.

i know this is more than you were asking, but it made me think because i know a lot of people (family & friends) that are constantly on the go.

Sometimes, but most of the time too busy to sit around.

I hook onto Yahoo Q&A regularly to relax, while i have a coffee, maybe with some home made almond brittle, then find something else to do.
So, maybe take a walk on the land, check the flock, go see if i can find some kangaroos to watch or photograph, i do what i want, when i want, most of the time, lol.

Yes try setting in a wheelchair 2/3`s of the day

not if your drinking a beer

it drives me crazy not having one,watching the game

It drives my dad crazy but I’m good 😀 I like driving ppl nuts mwhahahaha

I suppose it is one of the reasons I go crazy.

I AM crazy for that exact reason and permanently damaged.

sometimes but it’s also relaxing. but reading a book/watching TV/f*ing around on yahoo answers can be fun too. you don’t always have to be with your friends- that’s why I live alone.

sometimes it does, but if i have been working hard all week it is kind of nice to sit around and relax.

yes; absolutely. I am going crazy right now.

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