How can parents determine whether or not their kids are experimenting with drugs and alcohol?

wave a bag of McDonalds fries in front of their face, if they start drooling they are high on marijuana, if they puke, they’ve been drinking.

You can tell by a change in your child’s behavior, sorta like noticing if your child is high, which is kinda easy to tell!

By offering them some.

Read the Nanny lady’s answers… :oP

Look at their eyes whether they are overdilated or pinpointed.

by their actions. I’ve heard some tend to become withdrawn.

when YOUR stash is diminished for no reason and the beer is disapearing from the fridge!

there not there normal self. They dont hang around there normal friends, there tired, and they misbehave more….it makes me sad

How they act is probably the easiest way…

cause they act just like we did when we did it.

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