How come atheist are always more vocal about their opinion than Christians?

Where I live they built a creation museum and on opening day there were more protesters there than I have ever seen! When an atheist doesn’t believe in something they make it totally vocal, but when a Christian doesn’t agree with something they don’t make a protest, they don’t cause a scene, its…

It all depends on where you live my friend. I’ve seen both get pretty nasty. One good example is that one guy who is going around, picketing soldier funerals because he believes God is killing our soldiers for letting gays marry. His famous sign states “God Hates Fags”

He is a true ******, like no other

Edit : I decided to look back at this question to count thumbs down, and noticed the edit you made. It’s still got a similar answer ; location. Christian-run news stations are going to broadcast Muslim/Atheist “acts of terror” and keep quiet about the Christian ones. Likewise, Atheist stations will jump on the chance to knock Christianity down a notch. Your location and news station’s religious affiliation has everything to do with what you are exposed to.

What planet do you live on seriously? Christians have NEVER sat quietly by and protest ALL THE TIME. Abortion clinics and the idiots that protest soldier funerals have been mentioned, but I’ve seen protesters at a Marilyn Manson concert years after he was socially relevant, and why would anyone protest something as harmless as a rock concert. Also there were protesters all over California in the last election supporting Prop 8. Christians protest gay pride gathering all the time as well. I can also guarantee that the protesters at your creation museum were a lot less violent and less in your face than any of the christian ones out there.

“Why don’t you see Christians protesting at a strip club or at a gay bar?”

>>> Where have you been – they are doing all the time. in the UK we had a professional protester who made christian protest against nearly everything of the modern world. Her name was Mary Whitehouse.

You also have the pro-lifers who have gone as far as to murder, blackmail and more.

As to the “harmless” museum, it is a joke posing as a museum. If it were to put “Disney World” above the door then I would be OK with the place.

I’ve seen Christians protesting at strip clubs and gay bars and movie theaters. (And don’t forget…soldiers funerals.)We also know of Christians bombing abortion clincs.

Atheists SHOULD be vocal about things like that Creation Museum. It’s a travesty. It’s not “harmless” to teach our children that it’s OK to ignore scientific facts and evidence, and just make up whatever information you want if you don’t *like* what the REAL facts and evidence tell you, and that’s exactly what the “Creation Museum” does. We have enough of a problem with education in this country as it is.

Besides…what do you think the “Creation Museum” IS??? It *IS* one giant protest against the teaching of evolution. Do you think for one second anyone would have thought to build it if they weren’t mad about not being allowed to teach their delusional nonsense in school science classrooms?

Don’t get out much, do you?

During the Prop. 8 campaign here in California, there were christian protestors all over town, and on every street corner. Some were fairly mellow and carried signs like, “Marriage is sacred!” Others were more vocal, yelling and carrying signs like, “Homosexuality is an abomination!” or “God Hates Fags!”

Here in Calif. christians regularly run protests in front of strip clubs and gay bars. All over the country they protest at abortion clinics, and all too often get very violent about it — including shooting doctors.

And by the way, a “museum” full of outright lies isn’t harmless.
You could really use a bit of travel to broaden your horizons.


Congratulations! So helpful to ensure a placed up from a stable Christian right here! If only extra Christians might understand that each and every physique the different religions and atheists stay in peace and are only attacked by ability of undesirable christians which reasons all stable christians to melancholy on the wear and tear they do! Up till approximately 40 years lower back Christianity became thriving and there became no conflict with others yet in only those few short years the famous christians are turning out to be illiberal, hate crammed, bigoted and persecuting ensuing in a turning out to be backlash against christianity and inflicting christianity to loose over ten p.c. in below a decade with the loss accelerating! The self destruction of Christianity is underway and the sole ingredient that could give up it is to desert the undesirable human thoughts, seek for to rediscover the belief of a loving god and act like it!

Christians don’t protest? Since when? Christians come out in force for school board meetings, they scream and rant about Halloween celebrations in schools, they protest against gay marriage and fight any attempt to teach anything but abstinence in high schools. Anti-abortion demonstrators put all other demonstrators to shame in terms of making scenes.

You must be closing your eyes every time you see a Christian protest.

hahaha oh the irony

christians actually BOMB abortion clinics, you realize that right?

Christians have also protested school boards to get creationism taught, they have protested to remove the rights of gays to get married.

the creation museum was picketed because it is NOT harmless. Children go through there are sit on fake dinosaurs wearing saddles. They poison their minds with lies, telling them that the universe was created in 6 days 6000 years ago. I’m sorry, but that is not harmless, its frightening.

abortion clinics, fred phelps…

I highly doubt that all the protesters at that museum’s opening were atheists, I personally know a good number of Christians that reject young earth creationism and embrace the scientific explanations of the origins of the universe and life.


Agreed with the first answer.

As far as I know, no Atheists have bombed the Creation museum or chained themselves to it to keep people out.

I believe that the Creation museum admits that a large percentage of its visitors that pay for tickets and keep the museum open ARE Atheists coming to gawk.

Atheists: Outside protesting
Christians: Building museums to imbicility

Says it all, really. The christians are 1000x louder than the atheists, it’s just that their noise is so much a part of the culture that it goes unnoticed.

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