I have a problem transferring an car title into my name help plz??

I bought the car in texas now im trying to get in transfered in wv into my name. the problem is i bought it from guy #2 in texas which #2 bought it from #1. #2 didnt get the title transfered to his name, but sold it to me on the day i left texas to wv. Guy #1 and #2 are in the military which is making it very…

I would look for a civil attorney in the yellow pages who gives a free consultation first. They will know what to do.
If you send anything anywhere, first be sure that you know what you need to send and who you need to send it too.
You will probably need to conatact someone in the military to find out how to send a letter of explanation and the title to the person who needs to sign it.
I suppose you could try asking someone at the local recruiting office how to get in contact with them.


I don’t think there is anything you can do if you can’t get a hold of guy #1 and guy #2. Guy #2 has to get the title in his name and pay taxes on the vehicle before he can sell it to you or anyone! Sounds like you have the vehicle in WV, that’s to bad. If the vehicle was still in Tx, I would just leave it there and let both guy 1 and 2 figure it all out. There will be taxes and penalties I am sure. And right now, Tx is only aware of guy #1 owning that vehicle and he will end up being responsible for it/taxes and penalties! Guy #2 got a free ride for as long as he was driving the vehicle, and now he has your money to boot!!
Good luck..I would find a way to get the vehicle back to Texas and get a different vehicle all together!!

The answer is simple. You need to have buyer 2 finalize the sale from 1 to acquire a title in his name to have it assigned over to you. sounds like #2 didnt pay sales tax on the vehicle and that will surely screw up all possibility of acquiring a title or registration from another state. Best of luck…have all liens from 1 and 2 been satisfied? some states have 2 part titles and maybe this is one of them. Please talk to the DMV or a title service before you do a thing with it…sounds like you may have to rescind the deal since the car may be worthless to you if you cant title or register it.

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