I have a question about the maintenance of the fuel filter on my 1997 jeep cherokee.?

I recently had some maintenance work done on my 1997 jeep cherokee 4wd 6cyl. One of the things that I wanted to get done was the fuel filter changed. My mechanic told me that since the fuel filter was located inside the gas tank that it did not need to be changed. Is this true, or is my mechanic just being lazy?…

the fuel filter is made as part of the fuel pump module [contains fuel pump, level sensor [for gauge], and fittings for evaporative recovery system.. the theory is that the filter media is washed clean by the continuous sloshing action of the fuel. i have replaced several of these over the years for failed pumps or shorted out by massive amounts of water [from lazy gas stations who don’t check their tanks] but have not had a filter issue yet with this system.

Ive Owned 6 Cherokees/Commanches they all had an inline filter Just in front of the rearaxel on drivers side(about 18 inches from tank). In the tank is a fuel screen used to keep the pump Clean of Debris The In line Filter is what Cleans your Fuel for your engine.

There actually is not an external fuel filter on a lot of Jeep’s with the 4.0L believe it or not…

Found that out when I was going to help a friend change his on a Wrangler…and then again when I changed a fuel sending unit on a Cherokee…

I’m not sure what Chrysler’s thinking was on that particular issue, but your mechanic is correct…

1996 and older XJ Cherokees have an external fuel filter (mounted on the left frame rail). 1997 and newer XJ Cherokees have a filter in the fuel pump module (not serviced). Your mechanic is correct, as are most of the answers. I don’t know many mechanics who would turn down money.

Lazy because you have 2 fuel filters one near the gas tank and one that your fule pump hooks up to to send fuel to your motor. Get a new machanic.

Yes, its true, in order to change the fuel filter you have to also change the fuel pump as its a 1 piece unit. Unfortunately.

your mechanic is correct it is a screen in the fuel tank. but is not a one peice unit and it can be replaced seperatly. good mechanic !!!unless its giving you trouble eont mess with it. I see jeeps every day with 200K+ miles that have never had tank dropped

Oddly enough I’ve just mentioned this to sticky9788 re his Wrangler.

Your mechanic is “bang-on-the-money”.

Have faith!

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