I need to block my wireless router to stop my neighbor from stealing internet!?

Hello, I have a Linksys Wireless-G WRT54G Broadband Router and I need help setting up a block or lock to stop my neighbor from stealing my internet [apartments].

If anyone can walk me through the steps, or if you have a helpful website I would really appreciate it!


I’d set up WEP Encryption. This basically sets up a password that a computer must know to connect.
Do you have the User Guide? I will post a link to your routers info which you can download the User Guide in pdf. I hope the link works, it’s a long one.
See Chapter, page 11.
After you set up the password in the router, you’ll need to put the password in your wireless computers. Typically, when the computer tries to connect to the wireless network, it will ask you for the password. Be sure to write it down when you set it up. BUT, before you do that, I’d change the default Wireless Network Name (SSID) from Linksys to something unique. See chapter 2, page 2; chapter 3, page 9. Be sure to write down the name (new SSID) you choose. Then, disable SSID broadcast, also chapter 3, page 9.

I’d recommend reading other security sections of the manual. You should change the default password to log in to the router also.

I hope this helps, or at least, gets you started.

Most routers by default have an IP address of If you type this into the address bar in your internet browser it will bring up a password screen. By default the the username OR password is “admin” (without the quotes). I don’t remember whether it is the username OR password with linksys, but only one of them. Once you type enter the password you will be taken to the router setup screen. There should be a tab that says wireless, security, or something of that sort. Basically find the area which allows you to turn on security called WEP or WPA. WPA is more secure, WEP can be hacked in minutes if you know what you’re doing. Usually the option is WPA tpsid or some word beginning with T, i don’t remember. Anyway, once you select this option, type in your password and when you click save you network will now require a password in windows. Additionally changing the SSID will change the name of your network, right now you might see a network named “linksys.” You can change it to whatever you want. Anyway, if you screw up and get locked out of your network there is a little reset button the back of the router, hold this till all the lights go out and walla, no more password to get back on the internet and correct what you screwed up……Good luck!!!

Well, I think you should secure your network or at least stop broadcasting the SSID. Get on the Linksys web site and do some research. I assure you, the info you request is quite plentiful.

Good Luck

Log into your router and disable the wireless if you do not have any wireless devices. There should be a manual for the router or you can check the bottom of the router for the settings for logging in.

The Mac address that the second answerer referred to didn’t mean a Mac computer but Media Address Control, it’s a hard coded address used by all hard wired Ethernet and WiFi devices. Your WiFi router can block computers by their MAC address.

go back through the setup and make sure you set it up to SECURE the network. then your neighbor can’t get on your network.

put your IP adress into the adress bar (try and it might have an option somewhere to create a password. I’m 100%sure you have to go to your IP adress ,But yours might be different.

change the password to something real secure


tech support for your router. love da google….

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