If I have a protection order on someone can I get my name off the car loan we share?

Me and my ex split up and we have a car lease in both of our names. I have a protection order on him and can have no contact with him. Is there any way to get my name off of the car loan, so I dont have to have any dealing with him what so ever?

the car loan is viewed as a CONTRACTUAL AGREEMENT between the two of you to satisfy an obligation. The protection order can have no bearing on that agreement.

from the finance co view.. BOTH of you made a legal agreement, and it is valid for the company to expect it to be lived up to. One way to solve it…take out new loan in your name only, and pay off the old loan. His name will not be on something that is PAID.

No…the car company only cares about collecting the money and has no concern for the state of your personal life.

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