If I plan to ultimately be an anesthesiologist, do I HAVE to take AP Biology? (Can I take AP Physics instead?)

I’m a junior in high school right now, and I took Physics and AP Chemistry this year. It’s an aspiration of mine to be an anesthesiologist, and from my understanding, all types of sciences are necessary, but does that mean that I need to take AP Biology?

As much as I love biology, the only teacher for…

You are soooooooo far away from medical school it would barely matter if you dropped out of high school (you could make up for it later). Don’t sweat AP whatever, it just doesn’t mater. Now that said, if the AP course will make the difference and get you into a SIGNIFICANTLY more prestigious undergrad program than you’d get in otherwise, that might eventually have an impact on your chances of getting into a higher ranked medical school which could, in turn, increase your chances of matching with an anesthesiology residency program more than a decade from now. But really 10 years from now you are very likely to have changed your mind and if that extra AP course leads to poorer grades it could lead to a worse undergrad school, a worse medical school and a poorer chance of becoming an anesthesiologist.

It is not worth it to take 6 AP classes and have one that you KNOW will be tougher and more time-consuming than one that is weighted the same as any other. Taking 6 AP is TOUGH.

You will have to take both physics and biology as an undergraduate, and I would think there would be more biology classes required than physics. Taking the physics NOW and getting a 3 or higher usually means you’ll get into a higher level physics class. It’s better to get that out of the way now and worry about biology in college.

Don’t stress out and over work yourself over one class (AP Bio), or you’ll do bad in all your classes! Good luck

Whoo!!! I’m a high school sr. and I took AP Biology this year….it was crucial…..but I got through it. I wasn’t going to take it, but my guidance counselor informed me that if I didn’t I’d lose my stop in the top 5%. I’ve already taken AP English and AP Calculus AB online.

14 pg lab reports? Wow..I’m really deprived. My teacher is demanding too..and his son is in his class and he has a flat 100 avg….go figure.

Take all the challenging courses you can. You never know when it’ll come in handy.

Medical schools don’t care at all about high school grades or classes.

What they do care about is performance in college (and caliber of school), so you should pick your classes based on what will help you the most in getting into a good college and succeeding once there.

(That said, a 14-page report scaring you off seems like a feeble excuse to me….if you actually do want to go into medicine, you’re going to need to handle courses that are much, much more difficult and time-consuming than any high school course could ever be.)

ap classes r not required in highschool
they r college lvl classes so when u do head to college, u won’t have to pay for this class.

if u can’t handle it, don’t take it. make sure u get great grades in ur other classes. its worse to fail ap than to not take it

You would need both, so take what you can and you can get the rest in your UG program.

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