If Obama doesn’t offer Hillary the VP spot, should she consider running as an Independent?

Hillary started out as a Republican and switched to the Democratic party. Since it appears that the Democrats have left her in the dust politically, would she be a viable Independent candidate and should she consider running as such?

Hillary does not have the support or the money for an independant run. This would kill her political career. Is that what you want?

I doubt Hillary would accept the VP slot. She is in line to become majority leader in the Senate – a position that holds a lot more real power than the VP
There is no way she would run as an independent. She would not win (when was the last time any independent came close) and to do so would portray a very negative image of Clinton. The Democrats did not “leave her in the dust” – she ran but the voters opted for someone else – that is all. For her to now abandon the party would show an unwillingness to accept that decision. Clinton is not that petty and childish even if some of her supporters are.

Viable now no. In 4 years yes.
Because McCain would be elected and she could run against him in 4.
I Really do not understand her wanting the VP. She will not be able to run again for President for 8 years and if Obama screws everthing up she as part of that administration can`t get elected anyway.
Unless she thinks she can replace him mid term or that he is in such poor health he might not even make it to election day.

Also I can`t see Obama taking her because he would have Bill Clinton, a former President, in the white house. Bill Clinton would constantly be over shadowing him. both bill and hillary would be a night mare.

If Obama says yes to her now she has some real dirt on him that she has been saving. Remember she can still go to the convention and fight on the floor for delegates because it is really 49/51.

Glad you asked

Personally I’ve decided to write her name in .In all good conscience i can not vote for Obama or McCain nor can I not vote at all so morally I’m forced to do a write in
As far as her running as an independent goes I think that her real problem is more logistical than political .I’m sure that at this relatively late date even if she had the desire and the cash to do so she would have a tough time time getting her name on the ballots of all the states
As far a her loyalty to the Democratic Party goes I think that Howard Dean should kiss her . Those of you who saw Dog Day Afterrnoon can explain to everybody else what that means

She would not be a viable independent candidate. And you forgot that she has no money and would have a tough time raising money if she ran as an independent. And on top of that, all she’d do is split the anti-Bush/McCain vote and hand the election to the Bush clone McCain and then with 3 liberal Supreme Court justices approaching 80 and one almost 90, you can kiss Roe v. Wade goodbye.

First, McCain is going to win because real democrats will NOT vote for this new corrupt faction of the democratic party.

As much as I would love to see Hillary run as an independent, the media would CRUCIFY her, she would risk an extremely negative image.

With that being said, her best course of action is to turn down VP, let Obama crash and burn, and then run in 2012.

Hillary might desire to run as an self sufficient on condition that she substitute into keen to resign her profession through fact it may be an act of political suicide. She could be seen by dependable Democrats as attempting to sabotage their nominee and that would desire to make an outcast in Washington. John McCain could not at all supply her the vice chairman slot through fact it may reason a mutiny interior the Republican social gathering. Conservatives already do not believe him and that would desire to enrage them. She might desire to apply her delegates to barter a useful place for herself on a Senate committee or run for governor of long island. forget the vice chairman slot.

SHE better not

if she splits the democrates

MCCain WILL win

and thats no good

plus it would be besides the main point of Making a democrat win

but shes going to withdraw and throw her support behind obama on saturday

No, I think that she will run again in 2012. She has already stated that she wants to unite the Democratic party and will support Obama. I wish her the best of luck in her next political step.

If Hillary ran as an Independent that would all but guarantee McCain’s victory.

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