If you Scorpio, who were and are currently your best friends, and what’s their sign(s)?

If your not a Scorpio, I would have to say you can still answer cause I’m nice like that…. Lol.

Well I’m a Scorpio, and I had this best friend I truly loved and admired, and she was a Cancer sun, Cancer moon. Later on, I found out she’s been talking **** behind my back and lying to me.
Saying a…

I am also a Scorpio woman, although I think I am a bit older than you (in my twenties). Anyway, it’s cool to hear you say what you’ve been saying because my best friend is also an Aquarius.
Before her, I had a best friend that was Cancer, we’re still friends but I have to deal with her in doses because she’s very sensitive and doesn’t like to hear the truth. I love her dearly, but I can’t always placate to her emotions.
The worst friends I’ve ever had was a Scorpio and a Virgo.
I thought the Virgo was my friend, but she talked behind my back constantly and then would try to act like what she said wasn’t that bad. Probably the worst friend I’ve had ever was a Gemini who would say terrible things to me to my face. It was so awkward that I finally had to go my own way. The other Scorpio I was best friends was mean. We’re still good friends, but lately she’s on her mean streak and I can’t deal with her.
My best friend is Aquarius too. She’s so cool. The coolest woman you’ll ever meet. Very loyal. She hates drama between friends and that has cost her frienships in the past because petty girls would get mad at her for not choosing sides. so dumb.
My boyfriend is an Aquarius too. I’m obsessed with him. He’s a musician and I don’t get to see him enough. Oh well, one day I hope to own him! ha!

I am a Taurus and I have a few Scorpio friends and one Aries friend. I like them, they are cool.

Me and my female Scorpio friends, were always cool, loyal to each other, never lied each other and even with some we might happen not to see each other for a long time, when we meet we really have great time, like we’ve been hanging together all the time. I really do love a lot my female Scorpio friends and I am sure they will never let down. We are very fair to each other and share our opinions and care a lot for each other.

Me and my Scorpio male friend have some difficulties because I believe when feelings are involved things change. He lied to me, I was maybe also not very nice but we patched somehow, we’ve been friends since couple of years now, we do care for each other but we do play some kind of mind games of who is winning this or another thing which happens and no one wants to loose pride and dignity so we never win or loose points, we are just always being equal. I forgave him that he hurt me, I believe he didn’t wanted to, I know he didn’t, he also realized I do not want to hurt him but I had to protect myself and my feelings so I wanted us off. At the end, little by little we both understood that we should leave everything the way it is and if we do separate for a while, to be with good with being nice. we learned how to be nicer and better people from each other. And now we know what mistakes we should not repeat.

With my Aries friend, she is cool, I really love her. We had some arguments but we always smooth the things out in the next 10 minutes.

I do have one Sagittarius friend but she is impossible, although we still like each other, I can’t explain it but we are friends.

I can be friend with any sign as soon as they are always loyal and play fair game, and as long as we know where to stop and know to what extent we can afford to act in some way.

No best friends, only a few in my life during early childhood, but now there dead. Nobody really knows what its like to be true blue friends anyway, and not really interested in “friends.”

And I purposely cut off my network of current friends to try to find some worthwhile friends.

Im am a scorpio ascendant , my sun is a virgo , moon scorpio, mars cancer , mercury Libra Mid heaven is leo .. my best friend sun Aquarius and her moon and mars is in cancer I love her even though I get suffocated and want to be by myself sometimes . I become moody but she knows how to handle me .
.my other friend is my baby leo I nicknamed her that because I feel like her mom she a leo sun and moon in cancer ..other friend is a libra sun and Pisces moon who I got introduced by my best male cousin who is a Gemini sun moon in scorpio even though that Gemini part iterates me sometimes but I love him my other cousin is a leo sun , moon in Aquarius I don't see him a lot but I worry for him he so busy with friends his friends . my mother ascendant libra , sun in virgo and moon Aquarius her mars is in Taurus , we agrue but just like sister relationship… I cant stand my father his sun in cancer and he a Gemini moon … I love my irritaing grandpa pieces sun , gemini moon

I know somebody from last year that is a Scorpio. Shamsi’s friend, Diamond Brook is a Scorpio.

im not a scorpio, but my BFF is…i am a gemini…we’ve been BFF’s since age 14. we are both 31 now and we have NEVER gotten into a fight or a disagreement. we just click and its a blessing

i like you already…..aren’t we aqua’s great. you just have to see past that cold and aloof demeanor. hope you and your aqua friend stay close and best friends for life!!!!!!!!! much luck!! 😉

edit: i was so caught with the wonderful aqua stuff lol…. my close friends (i dont have bff’s) are a cancer, scorpio, sagittarius and libra also gemini

my best friend is a scorpio. me and her share a lot in common

im a leo and my bestfriends are,

mayson – scorpio
tory- scorpio
taylor- capricorn
cierra- capricorn
ian- cancer
dallas- gemini
reyanne- gemini

mine are a libra and taurus and another scorpio 🙂

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