Im gunna ask him……….answers greatly appreciated.?

Ok so there is this guy that is in my english class. ive known him since first grade. ive caught him looking at me, he has teased me, and he chose me to be in his group for an assignment. he flirts with me you could say, but there is this other girl that he flirts with too. he is really sweet and polite when he…

i think he may think your kinda avoiding the question of asking him out, because he definatly likes you the flirting with another girl is just to get you jealous and the not talking to you means he is shy around you allot of the time.

guys prefer it if you make them feel wanted so i would just come out and say do you wanna come with some of my mates and me to the movies on the weekend and dont worry there will be another guy there.

guys who like you prefer the idea of being asked out and having it sound like a date… good luck

plz help me;…

Great! Go for it! That’s really taking charge and grabbing the bull by the horns. You will have a competitive advantage over most females that sit by the phone, staring at it, waiting for your dream boy to call you. You don’t waste time. You like the guy so why not give him a call and ask him out while he is still thinking about what to do. Good for you, sister.
Now, I am not sure what your age is. My suggestion would really depend on that. If this is your first date and you are in high school or junior high, you might want to go in a group. If you are high school or older, it might be better to take him some place where the two of you can be together without all these other people around. Just a suggestion.

It sounds like a date because the guy/girl ratio, your asking him to bring a friend, that would make it a triple date. Lol. I would just ask what he’s doing Saturday night and if hes not doing anything, I’d say, “Hey, do you want to come hang out and watch a movie with my friends? We’re probably going to see blah blah blah and get something to eat or go blah blah blah right after, what do you say, you could even bring a friend.”

Ya i have a friend like that, and yes, i think u shud ask him but id word it differently, id say something like “Hey, a couple of my friends and I are goin to the movies Saturday, but only one has a boyfriend and he doesnt wanna be the only guy, you wanna come?” I think that would make it sound less awkward, if all ur trying to do is see his reaction.

your way over thinking this. Men or boys are pretty simple… You ask we answer. If he’s interested in it he goes. Just don’t lead him on if you don’t want that, if it’s not a date and you want to be just friends that state that up front. If you want him to be interested in you romantically don’t mention the part about not being a date. I wouldn’t come out and call it a date though, let him wonder. It will peak his interest. The part about the other girl isn’t important to a confidant young lady.

ive been in this situation, heres exactly what to say: “hey, wanna go to the movies with me and some friends on saturday? if your not busy, oh and feel free to bring a friend if you want”

and if you dont have alot of time to ask him or whatever a good trick is to act like you ahve someting to do and you just asked him nonchalantly,

be like “oh hey, i wanted to ask you, u doing anything saturday? cause you should come with us to the movies, you can bring a friend if you want, lemme kno if you want to! k bye” and go walk off to do whatever– this trick works better if you actualy do have soemthing to do, and it give the guy the chance to think about it, and to not be right on the spot

good luck!

Don’t be so specific with your question. Does he Know the other people who are going to be there? If so, just ask him if he’d like to come over and catch a movie with Bob, Jane and Buffy.
If he says YES then that is a very good sign, especially if he doesn’t know the other people that well. Good Luck!

Coming from a guy, don’t beat around the bush! Ask the dude out, believe me, i would be flattered and have always been when a female has asked me out. Its the greatest compliment to young mans ego and if you are truly into him then you’d be able to find out sooner than later if he really likes you or the “other girl”. Besides you don’t want to be the second choice. Ask him out and put a double date emphasis on it and see what he does.


I help w/ my freinds w/ boy probs 24/7 [-_-“] gets a lil tiring but its nice to help. its weird cuz i never had a bf b4, but i’ll wing it 😀

u shud definately do it! i suggested to my freind to do it too and it was a success! another freind was a disaster cuz he didnt show up :'( if he does show up then yes, make the night the best night for you 2! let him know tha tyou like him somehow but dont make it obvious or it will wreck the whole night. get to know him better, and become great friends so u guys can get comfortable w/ each otehr and he’ll see the signs (:

best of luck! 😀

well its weird for the girl to ask a guy out to the movies…just bring it up be like me and my friends are going out to the movies saturday night what are your plans… and he might just ask if he can go also,i think the guy should ask the girl at all times.

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