Is Global Warming real? or is it just a natural phase?

Are we cuasing climate change, or is this just a natural phase which the earth is going through? as its happend many times in the past.

We know that all natural climate change is driven primarily by the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. The amount of heat that the atmosphere retains is changed as the chemical composition of the atmosphere is changed; the changes in the amount of energy the earth receives due to astronomical events are minor compared to the changes in heat retained. It is CO2 and/or methane in the atmosphere that is the driving force in all global climate change.

So the only question is whether the current rapid increases in atmospheric CO2 (and increases in oceanic carbon) are natural — and we know as a fact that they are not. Carbon never never never naturally increases in the atmosphere and the oceans at the same time.

The warming is due to increased CO2. Known fact. The increased CO2 is from human activity. Known fact. There is no debating that the current global warming is due to human activity except among the clueless. It is real and has been proved in multiple ways.


And I don’t want to hear the crap about scientist, when they where making articles like this before.…

We where burning coal and polluting the air all the way from the industrial revolution in the 18th century. At that time the machines where many times more dirty and harmful, yet the world did not flood like Al Gore said. And here we are, 200+ years later of increased production and still no “global warming”.

Funny how it all started in the late 90s, before people talked about the next ice age.

depends on time frame. yes climate has changed for millions of years and yes greenhouse gases from natural sources influenced the climate then. For the past 100 years, humans have added greenhouses gases, and yes we have an effect.

The logic of humans cannot cause climate change is like saying forest fires cannot be started by people because they occur naturally.

Climate responds to many factors, and greenhouse gases is one of these factors.

It’s just another natural cycle, if you have time watch the videos below and see the evidence for solar influences on the climate.

The Great Global Warming Swindle…

Global Warming Doomsday Called Off…


If you would like to understand exactly why the planet has warmed over the last several decades allow Dr. Henrik Svensmark to explain in this video:…

(The video is in 5 parts and will automatically advance at the end of each segment)


The Earth has gone through climate change before in the past. ie the Ice Age, Our pollution is not helping air quality however. I believe Earth is just running its course

I believe humans are exacerbating a natural phase in earth’s life cycles.

while the earth does have fluctuations in climate (ice age, etc.) almost every scientist has agreed that this is caused by humans. just look at a study FUNDED by the koch brothers, the people who want global warming to be nothing more than the earth joking around with us, and the amount of carbon dioxcide in the atmosphere and all of the fossil fuels we burn and the pollution we produce, it’s real. and we’ve caused it.

Yes, yes global warming is real. Why do you think global natural disasters have been getting worse and more frequent? The people who will tell you that it’s fake either have some agenda, or are not well informed.

Global warming doesn’t exist. It’s all tosh. Winters are still bloody cold..!!

I believe its natural but others differ.

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