Isn’t it fair that Republicans afford Obama every respect that Democrats afforded Bush?

Is this a serious question?

Republicans have been far more respectful to Obama than the Democrats ever were to Bush.
They have also been more than willing to cooperate with the Adminsitration, unlike the Democrats who refused to work with Bush at all. They actually admitted that they planned to stop everything he tried so they could beat him in 2004 and then win in 2008 by destroying him and the GOP.

To what do you refer?

Definitely fair.
What I find amusing is that the democrats complained about all the insults through the Clinton years. Then the Republicans complained all through Bush’s term and now it swings back.
It’s like hating the opposing football team.

If you can name one thing that any lib dem did or said that was respectful, in ANY way, concerning Bush, then I’ll say something respectful about Obummer. It must be true AND provable.

I think that’s only fair. So after Obama drops the ball and we get attacked and after he lies us into a useless war and after he ignores the laws he’s sworn to enforce and spies on Quaker Peace Meetings and after he suspends over 200 years of rational treatment of those taken in war and tortures them, then let’s let him have it!

Yes! But in the case of The Great Obama, it is warrented. We should all be afraid…very afraid!

But Obama plans on dieing for the sins of mankind, he said so on his twitter.

Of course not, Obama is not a war criminal. He didn’t invade a country. Obama hasn’t made the rich richer and the poor poorer. Bush did a lousy job. Clinton handed him a blooming economy and Bush and his administration destroyed it.

Plus, Bush was not nearly as intelligent and our president Obama.

We each have our reasons.
Except Obama is only 50% black,
Bush is 100% stupid.

yes I am treating him with said same respect.

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