Obama wants to give drivers licenses to illegals?

What is it with these politicians and their love for illegals.

Sen. Barack Obama easily won the African American vote in South Carolina, but to woo California Latinos, where he is running 3-to-1 behind rival Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, he is taking a giant risk: spotlighting his support for the red-hot issue…

He never get the job.He even knows it.That licenses issue will be his undoing.

Giving ability to get driver licences to illegals is a very tricki.
We have illegals already in here. They working hard, most of the time behind the “front window”. They earn cash money and send home. This money in not taxed due to impossibility of control. We do not know even haw many is of them.
By giving them this opportunity we will at list have a general idea of the numbers, besides economy could only gain by this. Fees for processing, driving class, insurance, and cars.
Finlay, we have the huge list and pictures for IRS to collecting taxes never seen before. The only one trick is to make sure
the drive test will be harsh and knowledge of rules be carefully checked, other wise we be afraid to walk on streets.
Another thing is every president promise something to illegals, as I remember nothing was never done

The D.L. for illegals was one small item that undid Davis here. The Motor Voter law helped but the big hit he took was the energy fiasco he created. Here’s one that I have seen very little of on the news. Last week Mexico told Arizona that all the illegals that are packing up and going back to Mexico, can’t come back. Mexico can’t handle them. So they sneak into our country and have to sneak back into theirs. Maybe we should give them Visa’s and they can just over stay them there. Harris County Texas, on the news tonight, stated they have spent $600,000,000 on health care for illegals. They are the third largest county in America. San Bernardino County and Riverside County here are the largest. Imperial County, one of the smaller counties here in Ca.are going to have close what few hospitals they have because of unpaid medical care for illegals.

To answer your question;

Illegals are a huge untapped voter block in need of government assistance. Therefore a huge voter block that would side with the Democrat stance and if given the right to vote would be a reliable Democrat party supporter for years to come.

The reason we don’t have enough workers is because our Government rewards millions of American woman that get pregnant and have a baby with an apartment, a pay check, and lifetime medical. Why work if all you have to do is walk to your mailbox once a month and pull out a welfare check.

He is willing to give illegal aliens anything they want as long as Latinos vote for him. I thought aiding a criminal was against the law? Helping a criminal that break the laws is a crime for the average citizen, isn’t it?

“ANY” baby-kisser which will grant any legalities to any unlawful is doing so for political ambition and of direction votes. whilst are they going to comprehend that we are a rustic of regulations and that regulations are in place to potect the regulation obiding. the autumn of Rome strengthen into because of the uninhibited proliferation of imagrants into the common roles of the Roman voters. in the previous everybody calls me zenophobic, i’m fascinated approximately imagration into this usa, the greater criminal workers there are the greater tax funds are gathered. in the previous we initiate searching for much less high priced help and votes, we would desire to undergo in innovations, we (you and that i) are paying so somebody can sit down at homestead and function greater fatherless little ones. I comprehend that the sickth suitable judicial court docket merely informed Ohio, we agree, it fairly is to no longer uncomplicated to be sure all your voters are legally registared. it fairly is throughout whilst imposing the regulations ibecomes too no longer uncomplicated!

Dems march with illegals in Calif. Now they’ll have them drive them.

Well at least the state issued ones would be legal.

He also want everyone to have a copy of family matters so they can see him when he played Urkel in his younger days.

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