Parents 25th Wedding Anniversary! Ideas for presents needed!?

It’s my parents Silver wedding anniversary soon and I have no idea what to get them! I want it to be something special and for both of them to have. Something they can both use. At the moment I can’t think of anything at all!
Anyone have any ideas?
I’m also up for making the present myself, so any crafty ideas…

Well, I don’t know your financial situation, or if you have siblings that could go in on the expense for you, but how about a trip? Have your parents ever wanted to go somewhere that they haven’t visited, like a trip to wine country, or skiing in the Rockies during the winter, or a cruise, or even a trip overseas (if they have passports…having them go through that process would spoil the surprise)? that would be something thoughtful, and memorable for them, but again, it comes down to the money…if you or you and some family members can split the cost.

Refer to the link below you find some ideas to get the present for 25th Wedding Anniversary for your Parents

For my parents 25th this summer, I got a hold of a bunch of their wedding photos and got copies made. I put the copies in a scrapbook (1 or 2 per page) and put tags on each page. I got all their friends and family to write messages on the tags. I wanted to add pictures from before and after the marriage but there are no pics of my dad at a young age so I couldn’t.

defiantly make them something, first thing that comes to mind is a little scrap book filled up with pics of there journey together, there are some great ideas for pages that you can get over the net and there are some amazing scrap booking Accessories you can get. it will be a little pricey but they are worth it.

Just another thought if your good with the computer, transfer any old vids and pics and make them a DVD. If your not sure how shoot me an email and i will help you. If you have windows, you can download windows movie maker its so easy to use. And they is a accessories you can buy for 29.99 that hooks up to your camcorder or VCR and then attaches to your computer so you can transfer them. If you wanna do this shoot me an email and ill find out what its called, I’m at work and that’s at home

Another idea would be to get a painting of them both done. you can get it done online by sending in a photo, i paint portraits for my family all the time. these are mine take a look

Good luck

Samantha x

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Ok first I would like to say, those plaques and plates that say Happy 25th, I guess 1 might be fine but I would hope no one else got me that because most of them just get put in the garage sale stuff later on. I dont know how much you are planning on spending. But alot of times when you get into that many years, we tend not to do special things for ourselves but for others around us. So ,if it were me, I would like a night in motel like at Branson and a show. Or something like that somewhere else.

ok i got this for my mum’s birthday… I dunno if they have a similar website in the US…but it’s called a photobook.. you upload pics of your mum, dad, family etc just generally memorable, cherished and beloved images from over the years. Then you can add small phrases into the book, which is particularly good if you have siblings (as my brothers and sister did) and you just write your own personal message to them on an individual page in the book of pictures of each individual sibling from childhood to now. The book is fab because it comes with a well made cover and the paper isn’t cheap- it’s nice and glossy…here’s a link:

I went for the cheapest one (as I could only afford that much at the time) but my mum really loved it and said it was the most unique present she has ever received and that she will never get one like it ever again…

Make a DVD of the 25 year together This would make they happy You could also do a digital picture frame of the 25 years Before marriage, before kids, after kids, today This should not cost a lot of money Just getting photo’s and making something out of them They would love the money

you could send them on a trip? or maybe a couples day spa? send them off to relax. get a massage and be pampered.

or, a more sentimental gift would be an album, collage, or something of the sort. if you’re good with computer programs you could make a dvd with like home video clips and pictures slideshows and put some music in the background. gather pictures of them in their younger days, their first dates, proposal, wedding, when you were born, first family photos, family vacations etc. a couple thats been together for 25 years must have lots of pictures.

good luck!

What about paying for a hotel for them for a nice weekend getaway? Or quickly arrange a photo session with your family (brothers, sisters) and all pitch in to buy them a cool framed photo or turn it into a blanket.

You could also get them a personalized photo album (Things Remembered).

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