R&P: Favorite song(s) about the opposite sex?

I’ve been creeping around over in “Gender Studies” (it’s a laugh riot over there), and it’s got me thinking about the battle of the sexes.

So what’s your favorite song or songs about the opposite sex?

I’ll start off with this trashy little…

These are kind of a package deal –

Black Boys:

White Boys:

These songs crack me up every time and the kids LOVE it when I sing along – NOT! 🙂

Baby Got Back – Sir Mix-A-Lot

1: See above.
2: We be clubbin! Strutting around like a diva on the floor.
3: Yes! I like the part where they divide up the house by room and Danny DeVito is telling Michael Douglas that this is a terrible idea and Michael Douglas shows him a map of the house, gets a crazy grin and says, ‘I got more square footage’.

This is true, I am a sucker for Kathleen Turner. Whatever it is she has is also a good answer to question 1.
Haha, Stella, this girl I know is a doctor and her top quality in a man is that he is dumb. She sure dates her fair share, some of them, I don’t know how they get their pants on in the morning without help.

Wonderboy – The Kinks

Disappearing Boy – Green Day

Man In The Box – Alice In Chains

BQ1: Well there are quite a few. There are not obsessed with tans and having a bunch of designer labels on their clothes as much as girls do.
They are more fun to be around.

BQ2: if that happened it would be really weird, but… Im sure I would have trouble at first using the bathroom…

BQ3: No i havent.

I Stand Accused – Isaac Hayes

Bitties In The BK Lounge – De La Soul

Sweet Jane – The Velvet Underground

BQ1: a morally casual attitude, and will accept my mindless rambles.
BQ2: that’s too weird to think about

Where The Boys Are – Connie Francis

BQ1 – Eyes.

BQ2 – Honestly, have sex with someone just to see what it feels like for a guy. Weird I guess but I can’t really think of anything else at the moment I would do if I was a guy for a day.

BQ3 – Nope.

Happy Friday Opiner!

“Little Miss Dangerous” by Ted Nugent

BQ1 – Their sultriness (is that a word?)
BQ2 – Tease men
BQ3 – Never saw it but that link was funny.

Edit: Hi Stella Blue!

“Girls” The Beastie Boys
BQ1:Understanding and compassion.
BQ2:Sit next to a dude at a bar and have him buy me drink’s and play the jukebox.
BQ3: Yes and can’t remember but I am happy Michael is better.

(((Stella))) WORD UP!!

My Girl – The Temptations
Roxanne – The Police

BQ1: Joan Jett
BQ2: See what the big deal is over MCR
BQ3: Never seen it

Hey now Opiner hon. Nice song choice. Now guys…don’t go gettin upset, you’re always tellin us women folk to have a sense of humor. It goes both ways 🙂

I Like Em Big & Stupid – Julie Brown

Nice strong arms to have around you and when they talk about diy’s (house/cars)…this woman shuts the hell up and LISTENS!

BQ2: Heh, heh…get me some! And be able to scratch my balls anywhere, anytime I want 😉

BQ3: I have but it’s been awhile…but overall, I wish I had Kathleen’s sultry voice!

(((Kelly))) (((Beatle))) (((Dave V))) (((JJ))) (((Nodumgys)))
(((LucyBlue))) thanks for listing the great Bonnie Raitt. Y!A doesn’t like her much but she’s awesome!
(((Biner))) Love that song…WORD! 😉

Real Man – Bonnie Raitt

BA: they often have good problem solving skills, more action than talk
B2: pee standing up haha
B3: It’s been too long to remember all of it. Maybe when she says she wants to smash his face and he says why don’t you, so she does.

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