R&P: Let’s decide — What are the best songs of 2009 (Round 1 – Part 4)?

Following a respite for the holidays, the First Annual Rock & Pop Best Song Competition (2009 Edition) continues. You, the community here at Yahoo! Answers, nominated 350+ songs, your favorites of the year, to face-off in head-to-head battles, tournament style, to determine the best songs of this calendar…

Yeah Yeah Yeahs vs. Beyonce
I’m not such a fan of the chorus in “Zero”, though it doesn’t ruin the whole song. Overall, it seems decent enough, and different enough from the standard pop song to be memorable. “Sweet Dreams simply, as you said, sounds like any Beyonce song. I will probably have forgotten about about it by the time I go to bed tonight. “Zero” wins, easily.

Colbie Callait vs. Lady Antebellum
Not a whole lot to say about “Falling For You”, aside from the fact that the title will probably be etched in my memory, due to repetition. Not terrible, but too simple and repetitive for my taste, without anything that really “hits” you. The vocals of “Need You Now” aren’t really ding it for me. I guess I just don’t really like that country tinge. Oh, jeez, really don’t like the male vocals. This one falls into the same pitfalls as “Falling For You”, but is a little less pleasant to listen to. “Falling for You” wins.

Morrissey vs. My Chemical Romance
“Something Is Squeezing My Skull” is at least a little more interesting than the songs from the last matchup, though I’m not a huge fan of the vocals, and the instrumentals leave a little to be desired as well. On second thought, compared to MCR, those vocals aren’t too unpleasant. I don’t like the faux-punk singing in “Desolation Row”, I must say. The drums are just not very interesting in this setting, too, and overall, it just seemed to be not a very mature musical performance. “Something Is Squeezing My Skull” wins.

Girls vs. Dinosaur Jr.
First off, I really don’t like those vocals in “Lust for Life”. The old-style instrumental in this one is actually kind of nice, though, and it’s at a nice, lively pace that is not quite fast enough to make it sound obnoxious, but enough to give it life. I just wish the singing was different. “I want You to Know” starts off strong with a nice riff, though again, I don’t really like the vocals (I liked them better than “Lust for Life”, though). The guitars keep the song nice and interesting, and keep it moving, which I like. The guitar solo seems a little out of place, but it’s not too bad, and keeps motion in the song. Overall, “I want You to Know” is probably my favorite song of the group, and winner of this matchup.

No Hope Kids by Wavves I like the Yoko. I would rather have the Yoko shrieking than the Yoko sex sounds but I’m mature and we all make them so that isn’t the reason I’m voting for the other. I just really like the Wavves. It’s something I’d probably have in heavy rotation if I had it. So, I guess I’ll be getting it. You Dissolve by The Thermals Maybe against a different song On a Highway would’ve been more appealing to me. I really enjoyed You Dissolve and I think that I might have know those kids in the video when I was 12 or 13. “Come Monday Night” by Stuart Murdoch I think this song is great. It sounds kind of Ye-ye. The Modest Mouse is a repetitive drone. I Knew by Lightning Dust Sophie’s choice. The Visitor” by Jim O’Rourke The other one seems meh.

Zero – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
I’m not a big fan of Beyonce I have to admit but Zero is a really great song anyway. I didn’t really have to think much about this match up as it was an easy win for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Need You Now – Lady Antebellum
Both songs were fairly unremarkable in my opinion. Both sound like a million other songs that I’ve heard before. However, I slightly preferred Need You Now.

Something Is Squeezing My Skull – Morrissey
I wouldn’t be an MCR hater (I actually like a couple of their songs) and I did enjoy this rendition of the Dylan classic, although it obviously doesn’t compare to the original. Overall though I just enjoyed the Morrissey song more, especially on the vocals.

I Want You To Know – Dinosaur Jr
I liked the first song but Farm is one of the best albums of the year and I Want You To Know would be one of my favourite songs from it.

I like the electrobeat of this Zero song. That part that starts at 2:20 has been done before, maybe MGMT? For me this is one of Beyonce’s better songs, she usually angers me (Crazy In Love), the chorus is fun, too bad the rest of the song isn’t

Love the guy from North Jersey in this video, ‘Aaaaaaaaaaaaaay, I can surf, fugeddabouddit’. There’s something about the backround to the vocals on both of these and the Beyonce song that sound the same. Like they are singing into a vocoder, not quite like Cher in Believe but I feel it’s there. They all sound like a really humanized version of those old 80s answering machine voices. What is that? It’s annoying.
Falling For You.

I like that Morrissey song, I’ve always felt I should get a Smiths album, or one of his solo ones for that matter. Plus I really don’t like all the pills people take these days. I don’t think the MCR song is that bad, but it’s not my thing.
Something Is Squeezing My Skull.

I didn’t know Dinosaur Jr was still around. Sweet.
I Want You To Know.

1. the Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Zero
Beyonce is talented and everything, but she just makes music that I’m not into. The YYYs are pretty hit and miss with me, but I thought that the song was pretty good.
2. Lady Antebellum – Need You Now
Is it awful to say that they sound like they may as well be the same song to me? I suppose I’ll give a slight nod to Lady Antebellum for having a slightly more interesting vibe to it, but it’s kind of like judging an annoying competition between Carrot Top and the FreeCreditReport.com guys. It’s awfully close and ultimately unpleasant.
3. Morrissey – Something is Squeezing My Skull
I’ll admit that I thought going into this that I may be selecting MCR. I’m not a huge modern Moz guy (I hadn’t heard the song yet) and I think the MCR tune isn’t bad, nothing I’d run out and buy or anything, but not bad. I dig the Morrissey tune though. Kind of throwback-y. Nice.
4. Dinosaur Jr. – I Want You To Know
As much as there were things that I liked about the Girls song, I ultimately didn’t like it. The DJ song wasn’t really a home run for me either, but it was a solid single/maybe stretched into a double if the runner was fast enough and it certainly wouldn’t hurt if it happened to be hit to Johnny Damon.

1- Zero” The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

2- Falling For You” Colbie Callait

3-“Something Is Squeezing My Skull” Morrissey

4- “I Want You To Know” Dinosaur Jr.

thanks Waves

1. Well, the opening to the Beyonce song is particularly disturbing/creepy…. to me, the song sounds like bad (no pun intended) Michael Jackson–or at least select parts. I don’t care for it. (Maybe I’m being too critical, but, what’s up with the random back-up vocals shouting “ho” during the chrous?) The YYYs song is great, imo, sounds kind of like a synth heavy Blondie. Nick Zimmer’s just as great on the synth as he is on the guitar. “Zero”.

2. I’ve reached a moot point with both of these songs. Typical jingly-jangly mid-tempo “indie” pop song. Props to Bobby Moynihan. The second song is typically bland pop-country… but the male vocals dip it into the sub-par category. “Falling For You”.

3. I really, really like the Morrissey song. Not his best, but very good nonetheless. lol at the beginning. (“welcome to our soiree…. you’re being watched. so am I.”) Anyway, the MCR cover is rockin’. Sounds an awful lot like Green Day, but it’s not too shabby. “Something Is Squeezing My Skull” because it’s such a good song.

4. Well, I’m very biased on this one, but I do like the Dinosaur Jr. song, though it reminds me an awful lot of “Sweet Child O’ Mine.” Seriously. Listen to one, and then listen the other. Scary. “Lust For Life”

“Zero” The Yeah Yeah Yeahs…obvious pick
“Falling For You” Colbie Callait….I don’t care about either one. i hope I never hear either of them again.
“Something Is Squeezing My Skull” Morrissey….I’m not a big fan of Morrissey’s solo stuff. I feel like I’m really voting for him over MCR because of goodwill built up by my Smiths love.
“I Want You To Know” Dinosaur Jr…..I liked the Girls song alot but I loved this one more.

yay. these are fun.

1. Zero. Obviously.

2. Falling For You, but I’m pretty apathetic about both of them.

3. Something Is Squeezing My Soul. I’ll forgive you for putting one of the best musicians out there next to My Chemical Romance, but don’t do it again.

4. This ones a bit harder, but I guess I pick I Want You To Know. That song is awesome, it was basically the theme song to my summer.

Falling For You
Something Is Squeezing My Skull
Lust For Life

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