Should the Democratic Party be labled a terrorist organization?

Considering what they have done and are doing yes sir

with the aid of fact with the history that Hezbollah shows now or possibly contained interior the previous, they’re seen to be a 17 November. Get your information on the instant. Israel isn’t attacking civilians randomly, they’re scuffling with destructive to terrorism, terrorists who’ve blood of their palms. Geez, do not understand the situation you get carry of right here up with ‘babies in detention center destructive to international regulation’. That would desire to be propaganda, yet yet another lie. So get one ingredient on the instant authentic right here, Hezbollah, Hamas, Jihad, Al Queda, etc…..distinctive those communities are all terrorist communities, era.

We aren’t the ones calling for another civil war or secession, nor are we the ones claiming there will be an armed insurrection if the president wins reelection in our democratic election process.

No. They should be labeled as terrorist ENABLERS. Not as actual terrorists. Kind of like the Taliban’s cheering section.

Although, if we want to get anything done and not just hand over the world to global Islam, we should probably do an end run around the libs.

Timothy McVey was a registered Republican. Further, all of the morons who are talking secession are also republicans, and treason is a function of domestic terrorism.

You need to look in a mirror.

With the passage of Obama Care it comes really close, given all those death panels waiting to end life.

Yeah, Dems and Reps should.

not terrorists, no. but if you don’t like them then just say i don’t like them and feel that they are unfit to run this country. etc…

yes, labled the lot of them

I don’t think communists, Marxists, socialists, progressives, homosexuals, and abortionists are considered terrorists. So… No.


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