Should we stand strong and unite against the “Oprah Effect”!!!?


I’m not a fan but the Oprah effect has been always good intended. Being against her would be quite evil due to the good nature of her personality that has been proved by her actions. What have you done lately that is in anyway compared to what she has done? Attack more good people? that doesn’t cut it.

You don’t actually think that Brussels could run such a thing do you? The only thing Brussels is good at is spending money, dictating laws and reducing countries to poverty. In the case of an invasion I would think that the French method would be used and the Russians ,like the Germans, would be at the English Channel coast with in about 2 days. Of course the Yanks would still take 4 years to decide to join what ever was left fighting after that time.

Only a dope would put stock in anything Doprah says. The only Doprah effect I see is that logical intelligent people will see right realize that Obama must be a moron if dopray is endorsing him.

Well, rational people ought to be able to think for themselves and not place unfounded confidence in what some celebrity says……on second thought, a huge number of people still watch Maury and Jerry Springer, so there goes my belief in rational thinking people. Hmmmm….maybe I can get Don Imus to speak out for my favorite candidate. 🙂

What? I’m not a fan of Oprah’s but I have nothing against her either. She seems to do a lot of good despite any faults she may have.

I don’t believe there is such a thing. I certainly am not persuaded by anything Oprah says or does. I will not vote for Obama. He is too liberal.

Don’t underestimate her influence with women. However, she can bring attention to Barack Obama, but he will have to sell himself. Opra is powerful, but not quite enough to put someone into the Oval Office!

Hell yes, but Barbara Streisand isn’t the way to do it, maybe My Name Is Earl could run.

If it is like the butterfly effect it will be self correcting.

Yes, but there are those who will never be swayed.

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