Similarites between the hatred of Hispanic illegal immigrants by Americans and the hatred of Jews by Nazis?

After watching a series on rhyme/reason for the killing of Jews by the German people, I seem to have found similarities on the feeling between American Anglos, in particular, and hispanic, usually Mexican, illegals in this country. ie: Hispanics(dubbed lower class dirty perverts by many Americans on the basis of…

Okedoke- NICE. Umm yeah I see people all the time, here where I live in Whitey-ville America..(I am white too my friend) go after hispanics and give them dirty looks, and cops target them specifically because usually they are not too hard to find in their sweet-mexicanized rides, you know the ones, the trucks with all the shine and glitter and a fin on the bed. Well yes, I believe that hispanics…IN FACT I KNOW..that hispanics are too afraid to even open their door when someone knocks, I used to live below a hispanic family, and I knocked often. They are afraid, they FEEL like they LOOK illegal, so they don’t go out. I think that’s a similarity. And I am just one of those few people in this country who CARES about humanity and whom happens to REALIZE that 95% of us came from ancestors who were in the same people’s who’s living in a corrupt and poor country, needing a way out. EXCEPT THEN it was okay. Now they deny that same opportunity to a people who need it just as much as those others did. Simply put.

actual, gays are a minimum of 10% of the inhabitants, or extra. different than that, definite, the circumstances are parallel. Hate frequently takes the comparable variety. First it identifies a team as “different” to cut up them from the team. Then it identifies them as some form of threat to the well being of society. Then it tries to dehumanize them by accusing them of ingesting infants and such. the comparable technique became used interior the Inquisitions, the Crusades, the violent profession of the Americas, basically approximately any genocide, ever, everywhere. Hate isn’t unique, never justified. there’s a political weblog, called Americablog, the place the owner John has carried out some writing on the parallels between the Nazi view of Jews and the Christo-fascist view of gays. examine it out, he’s a good author.

Another comparison of the immigration problem to the holocaust? There are NO similarities. I don’t hate the hispanic people, but I hate losing my country as I know it. I hate watching my culture change. I hate not being able to walk down the streets of my city for fear of being caught in the middle of a drive by shooting by hispanic gang members. I was robbed at gunpoint. I hate leaving my home for fear of it being burglarized. Two homes one street away were burglarized within one week by two hispanic males. I hate turning on the tv and seeing 15 spanish stations. I hate pressing one for English. I hate being the only white person in WalMart. I hate wondering if I will be the next victim of an illegal motorist DUI without insurance. I hate not getting a job because of affirmative action and the consent decree. I hate seeing the city of Los Angeles turning into what looks like Tijuana gone wrong. I hate seeing California going broke, due in part to illegal immigration. And there’s more, but I’m tired.

There are certainly similarities in the way that critics discuss this matter, suggesting blowing people up, castrating them, putting them in concentration camps on this board.

I hope that this is the result of youth and ignorance, rather than true political feeling. There was a very self serving programme on Fox today, about the superiority of the USA, that quoted lack of racism as a feature. Don’t think so…

The Jews did not get welfare, food stamps, free legal help, allowed to loiter on public streets, did not get free collage educations. The Jews were not illegal, they were rounded up because they were Jews. I have not seen any illegals in gas chambers… Illegals since of entitlement has them now using the holocaust as a new battle cry. Mexico cannot be too bad they keep sending money there to keep it the same

First, isn’t it great that we live in America, the greatest country on earth, where Americans have freedom of speech and racist pigs can’t dictate what we say. If you want to live in a fascist country where you can dictate what can or can’t be said. Move to MESSYco.

Second, the closest thing the the nazis in America today is LA RAZA/THE RACE. Where only one race of people are allowed to be members. Just like the nazis, who believed their race was Aryan. Even though no such race exists. So to do the la raza nazi MESSYcans say their race is MESSYcan. Even though there is NO SUCH RAZA/RACE.

Nice try but no sale.

Big- no gigantic difference between the two. The Jews of Germany already had homes and were citizens of Germany. Germany had no welfare system or freebies that illegal aliens enjoy, the Nazis gassed to death the Jews by the millions, and the illegals at worst get sent home where they belong. No comparisson at all to these two situations. You might as well be comparing fish to zebras.

There are no similarities, Carol. Nazis would, in fact, have eliminated all races excluding pure White Germans. Illegal alien migration is not racism. Please keep searching for the difference in what you have asked.

Big difference as you well know. I have not heard any such statements about skin color, less deserving or perverts. Patently false statements do not aid your agenda. The difference here is illegal aliens. Not U.S. citizens.
Edit: You did not propose a hypothesis.

The Jews were legal citizens of Germany. They were being gassed to death, not being asked to leave the country. People who make this comparison are ignorant.

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