Things to put on a teen bucket list?

So my friends and I have a list of things we want to do before we turn 18. We are 14 now. Here’s what he have so far:

1.Have a proper tea party.
Double date at an amusement park
2.Make own shelter and sleep over night.
3.Stay at a ski resort
4.Take random class so I can surprise people with knowledge…

55. Have a contest to see who can finish a gallon of milk.
56. Sleep on the roof.
57. Reenact a scene from your favorite movie.
58. Go swimming in jeans.
59. Paint your face neon colors and go out in public like nothing’s wrong.
60. Go hiking/camping.

Good Things To Put On A Bucket List

– Do something fearless – Have a huge water balloon fight – Make brownies – Have 30 movies in my movie collection – Go to a concert – Read every book by your favorite author – Learn to do something different with your hair – Take pictures in a photo booth / Get professional pictures done – Get a plain white t-shirt and have strangers sign it all day long – Put inspirational quotes everywhere – Play with sparklers – Glue a penny to the ground and watch people pick it up – Try on fancy dresses that you can’t afford – Go to a bookstore and leave a note in your favorite book – Write a letter and read it the day before you go back to school – Bury a time capsule – Go to a waterpark – Sleep on a trampoline – Have a shopping cart race in a parking lot – Go to a midnight showing of a movie – Go to an expensive restaurant – Tie a note to a random tree – Have a silly string / shaving scream fight – Go out to breakfast really early in the morning – Go somewhere and stay until closing – Do Ellen’s Dance Dare (YouTube it if you don’t know it. Its hilarious and looks fun) – Try one of the challenges and succeed at it (cinnamon, saltine cracker etc..) – Go on a bike ride (:

Skinny Dip
Fall In Love
Try a new food from a different culture
Get Good Grades
Stop & smell the flowers — literally

Out of your list I’ve done #:
19 (does going on a roadtrip 8 hrs away with my boyfriend count..?)
22 (eyebrow, labret, monroe, snakebites, nose, belly button, etc. Only one I still have is nose(nostril)
24 (when I was 11 & 12)
47 (nearly impossible, but I did it)

My friends and I made one too! We’re all 13. Here’s ours, it’s right next to me:

1)Go skinny dipping
2)Walk the McDonald’s Drive thru
3)Put a letter in someone’s mailbox saying that someone , somewhere loves you and you don’t even know it

We’re still adding to it :S

Watch the Dallas Cowboys win a Superbowl

-Watch a lunar/solar eclipse together
-Watch a meteor shower with a boyfriend
-Watch the stars all night
-Make legit smores (campfire and everything)
-Take one picture of yourself every day for a year so you can put them all together and see how you’ve changed.
-Be part of a flash mob
-Have a block party
-Give up sweets for two weeks
-Push somebody into a pool
-Swim with all your clothes on (including shoes!)
-Be dunked in a dunk tank

Good luck with some of these :]
How about each of you get asked to prom?
That was mine but in the end I asked my bf to go (he graduated from my school 2 yrs before me)

I hope this is legal cuz i want to do this,go to walmart at 3 in the morning and yell at people and ask if they’ve seen my ointment…or pretend to be a blind person and have my friend guide me into payless and ask if they’ve seen my ointment

Hmm , skinny dip


And sleep on el roof .! Its super fun

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