What is a logical argument against gay marriage/adoption?

I dont want a bible verse or any personal opinions.

I want a honest legitimate reason why a gay marriage or adoption would harm an individual or society as a whole to the point where it should be illegal. After all the only reason to illegalize something is to protect people from the potential danger that would…

Logically speaking:

Marriage is historically defined as a bond between a man and a woman. Therefore the semantics prevent gay “marriage” since such a thing cannot actually exist. That does present a very flimsy argument, however it is an argument I understand and agree with. The best answer to that argument, also one I wholly support, is “what if they named it something else and had all the legal perks to being married?”

According to evolution and biology it takes a female and a male to create offspring from most multicellular higher organisms. Therefore gay adoption goes against evolution and several million years of evolution can’t be wrong.

This I disagree with, if two people love each other and want to adopt a kid, go for it. To my knowledge there have been no studies to show any correlational (not to be confused with causational) evidence that the sexual orientation of the parents has an effect of the offspring.

To those of you who condemn gay marriage, here is my question: what makes two people fit to be married? Why should a man and a woman be married? The answer should be love, dedication and commitment. Too often men and woman are married with the absence of these, which is why 50% of heterosexual marriages end in divorce. Heterosexuals use the privilege of marriage so freely, and yet refuse to allow those of a separate orientation the same. And don’t try to give me that sh*t about how homosexuality is “unnatural”. Some people are born with an imbalance of testosterone or estrogen. Besides, it isn’t as though same sex coupling is a new thing. There are many records in Ancient Greece of homosexuality. A true relationship shouldn’t be based entirely on physical intimacy anyway. Love must come above all else. If a homosexual couple is in love, they should be able to receive the legal and religious privileges a marriage provides. Homosexuals aren’t merely “gay” or “lesbian”. They are people, just as full of goals, desires, and needs as any straight person. It is plain unfair to tell them their love is an abomination. Sorry if this doesn’t answer your question, but I feel that some of the ignorance in the answers here need to be addressed.

I have no problem with gay marriage. It does not affect me whatsoever and it isn’t any of my business or concern what two consenting adults do.
As far as adoption,I would be against it only from the child’s standpoint. I’m sure these children get ridiculed and suffer in school mentally. To say that a gay couple cannot provide a stable loving home for a child is not true,my concern is just for the child and what they may have to endure in our unaccepting society.

I disagree with “That Guy” on the millions of years of evolution. It’s like, we were first fish, turned into monkeys and now ugly monkeys! XD Let’s get to the point.

A marriage is a bond between a man and a woman. A gay marriage is not a true marriage. People marry for many reasons, but usually one or more of the following: legal, social, and economic stability; the formation of a family unit; procreation and the education and nurturing of children; legitimizing sexual relations; to fulfil religious obligations; public declaration of love; or to obtain citizenship.

There XD

Gay marriage is not marriage. Marriage is the name for the pair boding of two humans for the purpose of raising their own young. Other animals do the same thing.

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