What three events in world war history had the biggest affect on todays world history?

1. Assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand.

If this never happened, the world may have been spared the first world war by years or decades, and the map of Europe would be very different today.

2. Development of the atomic bomb by the United States.

The United States, Soviet Union and most importantly Germany were literally neck-to-neck in developing this devastating weapon. Had Albert Einstein remained in Germany, they would surely have won with his expertise on nuclear physics and atomic theory.

3. The Holocaust and the creation of Israel.

The Holocaust is self explanatory. It decimated whole ethnic groups by stunting their ability to reproduce and gave Germany a bad rap for decades. Only in the early 1990s did they fully recover from economic and psychological damage.

Israel was created as a direct result of Hitler’s Final Solution. After World War II, European Jewish leaders requested from Great Britain permission to carve a Jewish nation in the Holy Land out of the British Mandate of Palestine. Of course, this did not make the Palestinians very happy. Imagine if the U.S. decided to give to China a U.S. state, like California, as payment for shortfalls in the trade deficit. That’s not really the best analogy, but hopefully you get the idea. A violent uprising occured, but not by the Palestinians–it was the Jews. The Jews carried out attacks against Palestinians, and eventually Britain decided to give up on the Palestinian Mandate and let the Jews have their homeland back.

Ever since the creation of Israel in 1948, the Middle East has been a site of increasingly violent wars and attacks between the Israelites and all Muslim nations surrounding the nation that are friendly to the Palestinians. Most of the former Allied nations of World War II, such as the United States, United Kingdom, and France, have supported Israel’s right to exist, and as recent years have shown, they are not safe from Islamic terrorists loyal to the Palestinian cause to reclaim Israel’s land for their own. Even before the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, there were attacks on U.S. and Israeli interests from Islamic terrorists:

(list not inclusive)

Munich, 1972: Black September (precursor to Al Qaeda) murders Israeli athletes at Olympic Games

Beirut, 1983: Bombings at U.S. Embassy and Marine Corps barracks, total casualties more than 300

Saudi Arabia, 1996: Khobar Towers bombing, 19 U.S. Servicemen killed

Africa, 1998: U.S. Embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania, 225 fatalities, 4,000 injured

Gulf of Aden, 2000: USS Cole; 17 U.S. Sailors killed by suicide boat

Israel, 2000: Summer of 2000 begins Second Intifada, or uprising, by Palestinians against Israel; thousands killed through 2008, and provided a mask for the terrorist “chatter” that U.S. news organizations reported on during the summer and fall of 2000 that ultimately resulted in the Sept. 11 attacks.

That’s my opinion. Hopefully I didn’t bore you to death, but I love talking about history.

Id say WW1 created and destroyed empires, it completely changed the political structure, dominance and rivalry in Europe; it had major Geographic changes and transformed Ethnic composition once the Austrian empire fell. When Russian Monarch was overrun by communists in the civil war, this altered nationalist alliances and created a neutral, sucular entity in the East.
The fall of the Ottoman empire had dynamic effects in the Middle east and made space for European sucular dominance and rule, policies used by Europeans at that time which is still responsible for most wars in the region.

Treaty of Versailes, harsh sanctions imposed on the German state which was a prelude for ww2

Atomic Bombing of Japan, completely changed the way warface could have been conducted in the future, also ended the second world war

The invention of the printing press.
-Led to a free exchange of Ideas and opened up education to the masses.

The industrial revolution and the invention of the engine.
– Led to the concept of mass production, mass transportation and generally anything en mass. Allowed things to be created much cheaper and also allowed people to travel further. (before trains a trip to the beach might take you a few days rather than a few hours.

The Rennaisance
– Led to major discoveries in science, medicine and art

Assassination of Franz Ferdinand
Discovery of penicillin
A-Bomb attacks on Japan

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