Why do Lakers fans call Lebron a second option when Kobe was 2nd option from 2000-200?

During this time Kobe did not win a Finals MVP. Even though the Heat are originally Wade’s team I believe the offense will run through Lebron. I believe he will lead this team in assists and points and will win Finals MVP in his first or 2nd championship unlike Kobe who needed 6 NBA Finals to do this.

The Lakers were Shaq’s team. He was the all-star, scoring champion, MVP, and Finals MVP.

lebron will not lead the team in pts, but he probably will in assists. kobe never got a finals mvp in his first 3 championships because he was very new to the league and he had the dominant shaq. look man shaq is considered one of the greatest Cs of all time. back when he was young, when he was with kobe, he was a monster. lebron wouldn’t have won finals mvp over shaq back when shaq was young. when shaq was with the lakers, he was probably the best player in the nba. but shaq and the lakers certainly couldn’t have done it without kobe. a lot of times kobe had to be the man in the playoffs when shaq had tim duncan guarding him.

i don’t believe lebron will win a finals mvp this year because i don’t believe he will make it to the finals period. boston is still a better team than the heat i think. if boston can stay remotely healthy, they’ll beat the heat. orlando is also a possibility of beating them, and if carmelo goes to NY then who knows. chicago would be another threat if boozer hadn’t gotten hurt. but even if the heat do make it to the finals, they won’t beat the lakers if they’re healthy. gasol and bynum would be way too much for miami to handle. kobe gets the better of wade a lot (see last 2 games they played) and artest can play good defense on lebron. take all of that and add in the lakers’ much deeper bench with odom, barnes, blake, and i think their draft pick devin ebanks could be special. the only team that could beat the lakers if they are healthy is boston.

maximum easily the Lakers by fact LeBron made a dropping group, Cavs, right into a playoff contentions for the previous couple of years and he does not extremely have every person stable on the group like the Lakers do. Kobe did no longer do squat for the Lakers whilst O’Neal left yet until they have been given some stable skills around him now that he’s group is doing ok. additionally the Lakers have Phil Jackson as a coach. So LeBron is a lots lots greater suited participant than Kobe will ever be! additionally, Kobe is boastful and a Rapist even although he replaced into set loose. while, LeBron, purely via listening to him is lots greater humble and a real incredible guy.

At least Kobe has that many Finals appearances. 7 by my count now. And how many rings? 5. What about the great Lebron James? How many Finals MVP’s does that dbag have? A better question is how many times will Lebron quit on the Heat this season? As many as he did with the Cavs? That guy will always be a talented basketball player who tucked tail and ran to south beach with no NBA titles to his credit.

Because Lebron is in his prime and still left, where Kobe was still raw and inexperienced in those years. Even though Kobe asked for a trade, he still stuck to the team even though they were doing bad. Lebron backed out of a team that was a championship contender while he was in his prime to go to a team where he has a good chance to being second option.

well their both 2nd options that’s all I’m saying. I’m a lakers fan and love kobe but he was definitely the 2nd option on those teams. And lebron came to wade’s team and is now the sidekick behind wade.

I think there is one important fact that a lot of people miss in regards to this whole rings stuff.

If Kobe came into the league in the same situation as Lebron he most likely would not have had all those rings early in his career or any rings for that matter.

Think about it,

Kobe came to the Lakers organization that has a tradition of championships, of some of the greatest player in the history of the game, and most important they were already a playoff team when Kobe got there. They also had one of the most dominating center in the history of the league in a young Shaq, They eventually got the greatest coach in our era in Phil Jackson.

Now Lebron,

He came into the Cavs organization that has no championships, There were no one that would be considered a great player in their history, They have been out of the playoffs for quite awhile, They had no hall of fame player or another player on their roster when James got there that would be considered great or even that good for that matter and even till this day they do not have a great coach.

So alot of Kobe success is contribute to the fact that he came into a much better situation and organization than Lebron so when people bring up the ring things, my opinion is I do not think you can say Kobe is better because of the rings unless they both came into the same situation and I think it is pretty clear they did not.

LOL it doesn’t matter who is the first option.

LeBron and Wade should be too mature for that.

Wade is better than Lebron..

I wonder who’s getting BA today?

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